Sony Ericsson Xperia X8

Sony Ericsson Xperia X8

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  • Anonymous

why the screen is not amoled?
its like that se is not allowed to design high end fones with all the latest techs!!?

  • Mobilemaster

ramin, 16 Jun 2010x8 price will be about 200 euro so this will be an excellen... moreIf my source is right, the new Symbian phone runs on Symbian 1, like Satio. But this is NOT confirmed, so maybe SE will announce the second Symbian 3 device. I think this phone' s price is better if will be under 200 Euro, because it lacks a LED flash, the screen size isn't big. The X10 Mini is more than 200 E right?

  • myzzou

nice design, good result, I like Xperia X8 as mid-end phone, SE is their own way without copying the iPhone as Samsung and HTC

  • Anonymous

too bad. No secondary cam for 3G video call.

  • BS_Lyon

Could have done better with 5 mega pixel cam, but then it depends what price range its placed at.

  • rick

cute fone...

  • Gammma Sharma

Would have loved it if it had 5MP AutoFocus Cameras with Xenon Flash.

  • victor

is sony ericsson lacking desin what's with all this cubed design phones they look wierd.....

  • Al

I like the design, i like the color, i like its os, i like the specification, of course it won't that expensive, is it? so i can afford it! hehe... :p

  • Anonymous

i was gonna go for this but it's quite thick, and without video call ability, too bad.. at least put in the video call..

  • Anonymous

se told on

XperiaTM X8 will either launch on Android 1.6 with a subsequent upgrade to Android 2.1 a few weeks later or will launch on Android 2.1. The final decision will be taken on a market-by-market basis.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 16 Jun 2010gr8 phoen and design everything gr its having fm also and m... morethey said it may come out with 2.1 and if not it will be updated 1 to 3 weeks after release
so only camera flash is lacking also through update SE's android phones should at Q4 have TV-out option

  • anubhav

colour- publish more colours , specifically in black , mettalic.

  • Mobilemaster

SE 2010, 16 Jun 2010Man I will be really excited to hear such news!! I am waiti... moreWhat I said about the Windows Mobile, and Symbian phones I hope it is true! On that site I saw, it is mentioned that they will announce those phones, but maybe in August, or later, what I don't want! And also they said that the new phones will be available sooner than the older models.

  • Anonymous

gr8 phoen and design everything gr its having fm also and many colurs only 2downside flash for a 3.2mp phone ??????
2.still android 1.6 not even 2.1, 2.2 is out :O

  • simon says...

Soon they will all look alike-just like Audis...You can only choose between S, M, L, XL, XXL,....

  • Moto Taik

Anonymous, 16 Jun 2010Android 1.6? 16M colors how come? gsmarena is wrongX10 mini/ mini pro: android 1.6, 16m colours

  • HiHi

Looks to be a nice design...but what is new... Android OS 1.6 looks a bit outdated....2.1 or 2.2 would have been better

  • SE 2010

Mobilemaster, 16 Jun 2010About the internal storage I am NOT surprized, because this... moreMan I will be really excited to hear such news!! I am waiting for se and I know that they always have phones that blow our minds!

When it comes to se it's perfection! Because it's style + performance + quality. I will be looking forward for high end phones from se :)

Right now they are focusing on mid-low end phones which is a good thing in my opinion to also help se recover and gain profit. I just hope they stop with this no flash nonsense they are doing now.

Sony like no other :D

  • Anonymous

3.2MP camera only!at least it should be 5MP. and no secondary camera for video calling again! even iphone is getting into video calling. why does sony ercsson always left out this feature.