Sony Ericsson Xperia X8

Sony Ericsson Xperia X8

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  • marion

im interested to this se xperia, but i want to know if its really worth buying for?

  • mohon

No info about RAM & ROM.

  • ramin

Anonymous, 18 Jun 2010wow... impressive for SE X6, it looks nice but why android ... morex8 will be out in august and will get android 2.1 1 month later like x10 family
so dont worry about OS
about camera i am agree with you but the price of this phone will be about 200-250 euro at launce time so this phone is excellent for money you pay for it
i think x9 will have better camera

  • Anonymous

wow... impressive for SE X6, it looks nice but why android 1.6? not 2.1 eclair, 1.6 outdated.. but everything just nice..

too bad GPS isnt free navigation like nokia did and camera still using 3.15MP while other vendors moving to 5M..

  • Terminator

I always was an SE fanboy since the T68 but I am now very proud to be a Nexus 1 owner...why?
Because SE is not making interesting phones anymore, they are making the same design and specs over and over again,the same mistakes over and over again!!
instead of doing low specs or too high specs with very bad management of the OS/hardware they should release real flagships like a 3.7'' Super Amoled screen,thin,8mp,xenon or strong flash,Android 2.2 or more...

  • rishi

sufficient specification .....and awesome look wise ...


Anonymous, 16 Jun 20103.2MP camera only!at least it should be 5MP. and no seconda... moreIt isn't important to have 5MP or more, resolution is important!!

  • Anonymous

A total fail on specifications.

  • intz

do u think SE will launch QWERTY in X8?? why is there no flash man!! :( otherwise a good fone.. battery will also be way better than x10 mini.. looks like this fone will get 2.1 update.. its expected anytime from july to sept. lets see what SE plans..

  • chuvakingdom

too bad the people @ SE has yet to decide when to officially launch this phone. they're still scratching their head whether to launch it with version1.6 or 2.1. haller. the X10 is so sweet but comes with a price..i hope the SE X8 comes with a pocket friendly price.


  • Anonymous

WOW, i am waiting for its launch..Very impressive...

  • shayan

not good...not so lame

  • Anonymous

it is a beauty...I wish they could have added a secondary video calling cam on it..otherwise no fone even comes closer to it within this price range..

  • Garry

when will this one be launched in India..i am eagerly waiting for it..i am tired of Nokia and they have nothing new to offer..its competitor kinds nokia c6 has a lower processing power..arnd 433 Mhz something..while this one has 600 mhz cpu with 256 MB RAM..also Anderoid OS is much more fresh than the usual Symbian stuff..

  • raviteja

we want the rate of this mobile named as xperia x8

  • inacorner

[deleted post]NO bullshxt anymore

  • Anonymous

It's a pity they still used Android v1.6 because other Andoriod phones are now using v2.2 (froyo)

  • Anonymous

this phone is priced below 200 euro.

so a 3.2 mp camera is quite reasonable.

but the only thing i dont understand is the 16 mm thickness of the phone.

it could have been atleast 13 mm like the x10.

  • n86 user

Im soooo... moving back to SE again! after my n86... Which i really dont use that much.... Im considering going back to SE basic phones. Not much of a software but nice phone. I dont like symbian anymore and hate how lack of internal memeory screws Nokia phones....

  • Anonymous

I really like it! Looks classy and slick. And most of all it doesn't try so fking hard to resemble the iPhone!