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Sony Ericsson Xperia X8

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  • Xav

This is a very good phone if, and only if you are patient enough to learn how to root it get the Link2SD to work.
If you are not patient enough to read tutorials, download the required software, and learn, then do not buy this phone.
It took me 3 hours to learn what to do, find working download links to get the programs to root it, then flash the phonebaseband for E6 to E15, then partition the SD card, then get Link2SD to work. And I'm a technical person.
It is worth the hard work, as no more storage problem since apps can be moved to the SD card. And you can remove all the bloatware from your phone to increase ram and internal memory as well. (with Root Explorer)
As to the so-so points:
Yes the camera is not fantastic, just ok for causal shots. No macro, no zoom. i have a very good Panasonic camera, so I do not care about my phone camera.
Yes the video recording is not perfect, some framedrops. Just fine for casual use. Who cares? When I want video, I want 720p minimum, and I would need a phone 3 times as expensive for that.
Yes screen is small, but it's sharp.
Yes phone can be a bit slow sometimes, nothing to worry about though. With a good task killer, it works better.
Battery is fine, 5 hours of continuous use with wifi and bvrowsing. Otherwise, with wifi off, gps off, 3G off during the day, I charge it every other day or less. (and I use it 2 hours a day for gaming or stuff)

The good points:
The price!
The size!
The sharp resolution of the screen!
All the things it can do quite well: GPS tracking for sports (easy to fit in a pocket!), Ebook reading, casual gaming (many games work fine, just not 3D games, come on, it's not meant for this), music player, video is ok if you get a large size SD card, class 4.
Youtube works fine!
Android 2.1 is good enough for everything, no need to install a new rom. (but you still can, so this is great!)

So for those of you who do not even read tutorials and do not understand technical stuff: buy another phone. The low internal memory makes the phone useless.

For the rest of us, this is a great phone to play with.

  • JET

my x8 is hard bricked and sony ericsson service update is unable to update my x8 anymore what should i do???

  • haider

my cell didn't produced any sound when some one call me and also it dosen't vibrate???? what should i do????

  • AnonD-55805

I got this phone on may 20th, and its a pretty good one, the only problem is that the apps are in the phone memory, and to do that we need app2sd, but we have to update to 2.2 or 2.3.7 right?
can i have the link for 2.3.7 and the instructions?
is the phone stable after the update? and the android market wouldn't disappear right?
please guys help me out soon

  • Anonymous

hey guys i just got this phone on the 20th of may ( 2days ago)

I love the phone, but the only thing is the phone memory. can anyone tell me how to send the apps to SD?
I tried LINK2SD but I cant move anything, I love this phone but this is the only prob, please need help about this

  • obamaMG

i have ben trying to open d market app since i but d phon, it only get network problem to exterblish

  • Nomi

xperia x8 is best phone

  • AnonD-55637

Sony Ericsson Xperia X8..... I love it,but battery is to week.I have five games(just two i playing) and lot of songs.That phone bauth me my grandma,grendfa and dad.I think that phone is comunitty,and i think thats phone no for childrens.Aneway ai love it and that is my best phone in my life.Sony Ericsson Xperia X8.....

  • trix

Why some say not to buy it?

  • adhi

RANDY, 17 May 2012:p battery good, screen ok, sound ok, love it.. camera nice... morehw cme battery is gu,its battery sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • tarry

this fone is good but the battery is very weak u have to charge may be twice a day

  • AnonD-55440

this phone is nice,simple not great but nice,if you want to see the full features of this phone you'll have to manually update it,right now i have it running on 2.3.7 gingerbread it's fast smooth but the battery is weak depends on what you use it for everyday,it's not a gaming phone as such,cause it lags when playing games on it regardless of how much memory you have,but overall it's a nice phone

  • soe

Dear Sir,

PLs help me to check how to install the Myanmar font in Sony Ericsson Xperia X8.

Thanks and Regards,


  • AnonD-55338

S.AnilKumar, 18 May 2012From last one year iam using the X8, all the time iam tried... moreYou can move your apps in SD card with app like app2sd, But before that you have to upgrade your Android version to 2.2 or later. Unfortunately SE does not have any official upgrade over 2.1. You may do it manually. For that you must root your phone (Voids warranty!! chance of bricking of your phone!!!) and install a custom ROM (like Froyo). Then use apps like app2sd. You must very careful and know how to root and upgrade. Please visit this page for detailed procedure:

  • tapsy

you can move apps to your sd card if you will unofficialy upgrade your X8/W8 to android 2.2 or 2.3 just like mine, i have android 2.3.7 its very fast and smooth!!!

  • AnonD-55338

Stupid phone! You can not unlock bootloader, if you attempt, phone becomes hard bricked. So, there is no way you can upgrade the Kernel thus you can not use Tethering (use your phone as internet gateway). Bluetooth does not have DUN or PAN profile. So you can not use Bluetooth either to use your phone as gateway (whereas even cheap phones have DUN and / or PAN profile)

  • srinivas

dont ever buy this phone this is not upgradable more than 2.1 so dont ever buy this phone ever its totally money waste slow processing lowest ram dont buy this phone

  • S.AnilKumar

Nipz, 17 May 2012Rooted my x8. now itz amazing, i can move my applications t... moreFrom last one year iam using the X8, all the time iam tried to move the apps to sd card, but i cant move the apps to sd card, how did u got that.

  • jerfm

hey guyz i will recommend this phone to all of you because it has almost everything a phone should hve and the only disadvantages is that this phone does not have a led flash and a secondary cam these are the big disadvantages in this phone, SO i wil recommend this phone to all who taking a chance of buying it and itz another awesome creation by sony ericsson !!


:p battery good, screen ok, sound ok, love it.. camera nice.... :)