Sony Ericsson Xperia X8

Sony Ericsson Xperia X8

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  • Sorur

X8, nice phone, butiful appearance,
eth ok,
only battery back up is alittle weak.

  • ullas

ya every smartphone has no battery backup its a issue....but x8 s much much better thn samsung,HTC ...x8 cums atleast 1 day.but othrs cells lik Samsung,HTC vl cum half w im owning a x8 realy its awsome phone I evr used...i used Samsung- galaxy_fit,pop,y,y duos,ace...but I didnt gt any satisfaction no crispness in cam handling its worst x8 has 192 ppi pixel density (screen crispness) but tht Samsung_fit,pop,y,duos,ace hav just 124,145,167,thts it x8 cam s just 3.2 but it givs u pic lik 5 mp any othr cell u cam quality,clarity,crispness lik sony totaly u hav sony thy r lucky persons.......i vl suggest every1 to go 4 sony

  • Nipz

Rooted my x8. now itz amazing, i can move my applications to sd card :-)

  • yogi

its a great

  • Anonymous

Can you use whatsapp on this fone

  • Justine

Sony x8 should update to 4.0 PLEASE. I NEED IT. D:

  • Anonymous

gr8 guy, 09 May 2012is it possible to install android 2.3(gingerbread) in xperi... moreYes, you can, but from personal experience I can hardly recommend it. It basically puts even more strain on the already short battery length.

You might want to go for 2.2 instead, it's much more economical.

  • cupcake16

this phone is very handy but there is one thing its battery is so weak . i have to charge it everyday or every other day

  • Aha

namrata, 10 May 2012i ve been using xperia x8 for some months the only thing wh... moreTry to clean all the data from Cache and cookies and then try to access it. It might work.still try it bro

  • y k

(x8) is a better fone ,but battery is very week .How can i control my fone charge

  • rao

AnonD-54192, 10 May 2012why i can't set up for internet setting?????? Go to menu>Suppoort>Setting>Settingdownload. Get in setting.

  • Tan

mike, 01 May 2012 is there any service center here in Qatar that can do t... moreRooting is not allowed in the official Service Center because it will void your warranty. But maybe on some small mobile shops they offer Rooting Android Phones. You can root your own phone by googling "X8 XDA".

  • rico

malaykosayo, 10 May 2012help! my X8 fone is keep on restarting itself. try to uninstall some of your app...may be your RAM is full that's why it keeping it restarting....

  • reuel

please help me how to move my downloaded games and application to microSD card? ur response will be appriciated... thnx 'lot!

  • AnonD-54504

gr8 guy, 09 May 2012is it possible to install android 2.3(gingerbread) in xperi... moreOf course!

  • malaykosayo

help! my X8 fone is keep on restarting itself.

  • namrata

i ve been using xperia x8 for some months the only thing which is anoyying is it had agreat speed of internet before as time passed it is becoming slow and more slow.otherwise i loveeeeee my phone..

  • AnonD-54192

why i can't set up for internet setting??????

  • Anonymous

jizzy, 03 May 2012hello guyz. m interesting in se x8 now. and i wanna no bout... moreIn terms of features,only difference between X8 and W8 is that W8 has better audio quality and X8 has better camera quality,thats what the sales representative say,but my X8 has pretty good audio quality.W8 comes in Black,and its back covers have different colors,X8 comes in White.Yes u can make Skype calls over Xperia X8 and W8,using either Wifi or ur mobile data connection.

  • Anonymous

patel, 08 May 2012dnt buy this phone it hangs alot plus the charge cant even ... moreI dont know what u mean by it hangs a lot,if its a problem particularly with ur handset,check in at the service center,as for bettery,X8 is a smartphone,not a feature phone,most smartphones battery lasts a full day,not for two,but if u use it economically,such as not playing games on it and not using live wallpaper and stuff it can last upto 2days.