Sony Ericsson Yendo

Sony Ericsson Yendo

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  • roy

I recently purchased Yendo w150i. It does not work with my airtel 64 K SIM. I called customer care nd they inform that yendo ony work with 32K. Now airtel does not sell 32K sim anymore.
This phone work fine with one of my old 32k SIM.

Have anyone aware of this.


  • Sanket

I think sony yendo is very sexy loking affordable touch phone. It has very exciting features.

  • prince

this phone does not have the basic specifications. accessing the phone contacts is difficult as we have to scroll down through the names and there is no search of the contacts using the first letters. the phone is hanging freguently . there is no file manager in this phone so we cant organise the files in the phone instead we have to connect it to a computer and then we have to organise it and the two good things about the phone are good camera and music player

  • Dynamic

I try this phone for one week and i report the following:
- The phone is cute and very easy to use.
- There is no hanging and the touch sensitive is excellent for the screen..
- but there is no fax number include in the contacts system..?
- The battery long life is good regarding touch screen phones...
- one thing i hate that i cannot remove the voice of the camera when capture photos, its very loud and noisy...?????
- the sound for walkman player is goood & cleare..
- the option & menu is easy & clear...

  • Dynamic

annu jain
Just come with one colore..?
i buy the black one ond its come just with black
and i ask for other colors the salesman inform me that just the black and white is available..!!!

  • Dynamic

I buy Yendo before one week but i dont know how to add games..?

  • shah

its not a smart-phone, its a ordinary walk-man phone with touch-screen feature. It have good 2MP camera, new perceptive controls, zoom in video camera, 3gp video playback, blue-tooth, GPRS,EDGE(234kbps), java apps support,good walk-man earphones, usb chargers, good loud speakers, changeable color back-cover. its good enough for its price. its a test mobile of Xperia series. finally its for music lovers.

  • caleb

i like this phone!!! easy to use...
much better than other phone.. simple but when you use it you will see the true color of this phone.. i like this very much.. i hope this phone will popular..

  • AnonD-7502

i want to by it plesse give me the good thing and the bad thing

  • annu jain

i want to know yendo comes with how many back panels ..........means how much coloured panel comes with it in india ha ........pllzz any body help.....

  • bell

how to use memory card storage. and why mobile screen right top E mark is coming. please explain

  • salmaan

manpreet, 26 Apr 2011video can't play. what about mp4 video format in it................:P

  • paavy

same iam also going to by this mobile iam getting confusion for this any one pls give about this mobile feed back

  • Abhi

itz a low perfomance phne,, or else itz cant run multiple process n cant even minimize an app..,, i bought this phone last moth,, last day it got hang n itz not bootin(on),, i think u better prefer another model

  • shepang

nice fone...

  • adhu

1. No drafts folder/ you cant save the typed message once you exit form sms page
2. No Theme support
3. No screen saver support
4. No file manager
5. Unable to remove EDGE icon
6. No folder player
7. No add to play list
8. Need more permissions to install & open music player (3rd party app)
9. No zoom cam
10. unable to play converted videos
11. No bluetooth Memory settings
12. No games

  • ithin

not bad

  • Anonymous

was goin to buy this phone for sure bt reading negative comments Im totally confused..........wt to do know........................

  • sony

i was goin to buy this phone for sure bt reading negative comments Im totally confused..........wt to do know........................

  • RP

dijodiv, 26 Apr 2011I have used the phone for 1 month its truly disappointing perfo... moreHi,
DO agree,phn hangs a lot,when using any applications,whc is too annoying
i always trusted Sony ericson phns howevr disappointed wth the yendo