Sony Ericsson Z600

Sony Ericsson Z600

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  • f-kh

my phone has been stolen . that was awesome

  • Anonymous

Is the S. E. Z600 3G or less

  • Anonymous

yesterday powered up after 10 years of storage works perfectly :)

  • AnonD-340059

Bestever, 18 Jul 2014After 10 years of hard using, hiking, travelling and still ... morebest phone ever made.
Hundreds crashes, survived extreme sports, fell 3 floor - nothing, and fell into a lake with water 2 meters deep just dry and worked perfectly.
Today can turn and can work perfectly.

  • Bestever

After 10 years of hard using, hiking, travelling and still working exellently, same battery as when i bought it and still holds 4 days after charging!!!

  • Anonymous

craigalvares, 17 Jan 2014My last wish before I die is if Sony mobiles only manufactu... moreGoody

  • craigalvares

Anonymous, 11 Dec 2013i still have it because of low sar value (eu) and because ... moreMy last wish before I die is if Sony mobiles only manufactures this phone again (Z600)I would be the first one to buy it.I love this phone with all my heart.

  • Anonymous

i still have it because of low sar value (eu) and because it is gteat, please update it...

  • arniel

i had this phone... it's great still now it's punctuality is very amazing please upgrade..

  • sudha

I am requesting to sony company please upgrade the specification of this phone. and don't change the phone style . this phone looking marvelous. pls add wifi, 5mp cam, 3g, bluetooth, then dual sim and add the special keys in out side it will helpful for all.

  • AnonD-11776

I had this phone and loved it. A friend gave it to me when he upgraded. I had the phone for a few years until it finally gave up. I was very sad because I'd taken some pictures and they died with the phone. There was a brilliant space invaders type game on there too "Alien Scum". It also looked a bit like a Star Trek communicator!!!!! If anyone knows where I can get another one........

  • asheeqah

i used this phone thru my teen yearz with no problems at all but then it fell in a toilet pot coz i neva went anywer without it.....yor what i wudnt give........:(

  • JohnD

The most prominent feature of the Sony Ericsson Z600 phone is the Music DJ which allows users to create their own ring-tones by mixing various pre-defined sounds included in the package and changing the volume and the tempo. The keypad is also perfectly usable, with keys being quite small, but placed a distance apart, so they can be used with relative ease.

  • matthew

I have never had this phone but I do want one. Truth is that I currently use an Apple iPhone 3gs so I really shouldn't want a phone like this one but I think that the phone is very nice looking though. since you can change the faceplates on it I would like to have one with metalic red faceplates on it. That would be the perfect looking phone for me since I am a fan of 2003-2006 flip phones...they had style back then.

  • raditpink

in this year, at 2011 i get Sony Ericsson Z600 and EGB-10 GameBoard NEW OLD STOCK, not refurbish... im so lucky..and I would still use T68i and CommuniCam MCA-25 as my second phone

  • smoothy

had this ph given to me 2nd hand. used for 3 yrs, no probs at all. best ph. but it went for a swim, i dried it, worked, then dropped it a day later. no more ph and i have to find something as great to replace it with :(

  • Steve

Great reliable phone i have had this phone since it was 1st released back in 2003, only now my battery has died so im hoping to replace it, found a store who do same batteries so hopefully i'll get another 7+ yrs out of it, this phonme was way ahead of its time, where's the upgrade fron Sony, very dissapointing. Fingers crossed the new battery fixes my issue.

  • distorteddaytime

i had this phone when i was in the fourth grade. this was my very first hone and THE reason why i use only SE phones, no other brands included. i have used this phone for 3 years, 04-07, and it died because it went in the pool with me when my cousin pushed me. i cried when i lost this phone and cried even more when i had it replaced with the motorola v3 that was as crappy as ever. i miss this phone.

  • Clare Blaylock

I've had my phone for at least 5 years(received 3rd hand)but now desperately need a battery. Can someone help?

  • Wulf

I have this phone from introduction (End of 2003) until now and use it on daily basis.
I still have the first battery (but need to replace it badly thats why I went online to search and found this side).
I am very satisfied with the phone . Battery life is not as good as you would like it nowadays but back in 2003 is was more than decent, especially given that Ericsson Phones before the Z600 (lets say the T68) where very crappy on battery life.
I like most that it is a PHONE ! Cheap monthly plans and works worldwide (I travel a lot internationally) The voice dialing seems to have been ahead of the time as it is very reliable.Puts a smile on my face if I see HTC touting the voice dial on their actual phones. Calendar/contacts syncing with Mac or PC is no problem.
Overall a very good investment and my 6+ years of usage a excellent proof of the quality for this early Sony-Ericsson phone.