Sony Ericsson Z600

Sony Ericsson Z600

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  • Prasanth

i used this set for 3 years from 2004-2007 end and it is very good set.. i loved this set

  • Anonymous

well the life span of this fone battery is very disappointing,imagine i charge this battery 4 lyk 4hrs an it only last me a half of 4.....

  • Anonymous

my mum has had one of these for over 7 years and for 5 of these i've asked her to update..... Fkn thing is STILL GOING on the same battery and all !!!! and she loves it. Mum is a tough customer and her "thumbs up" is testament enough 10 out of 10 !

  • Abu Bakr

no doubt that if we talk about its reliability then this iz a great set but there iz one problem that its accessoriez r not available easily in market,,,,,
specially casing

  • snafuracer

Haven't had more reliable device since this Z600, it's still in use today, 7 years later, no battery replacement, no overhauling, just new panels.

  • Aaron

The best phone ive had. Reliable, well built and easy to use. All my other phones from Samsung, Sony Ericsson & Nokia just dont quite stand up to this phone. they may have more functions but they dont work as well, as simply or are as reliable. I wish they brought out an upgraded one with todays functions but with the ease of use of the Z600

  • Anonymous

i use this unit for 6 years and never failed me

  • MrG

My first cam phone, brought to replace my T68. Brilliant phone for the basics, some great accessories like the joypad for games and the best phone gadget ever . . . . the bluetooth car!
Mine is still very alive and kicking, just needs a decent media player

  • Anonymous

Elizzie, 12 Jul 2009My phone dosen't work anymore and I am heartbroken. I have... more

  • jonas

A year later and now I must say goodbye to my dear companion. Almost five years of everyday use! Now the display has gone black and no way to repair it (that damn "spring-wire!"). But i'm still using it, I don't care. There's just no other new models i'd like, and they'd probably break down way faster too. Or not? What should I go for (or anyone else who mourns their beloved Z600)?

  • Elizzie

My phone dosen't work anymore and I am heartbroken. I have a replacement but I am finding it difficult to get used to. I would love to be able to purchase another Z600. Any offers?

  • KevRev

without a doubt the greatest phone that ever lived. Now bowed to the inevitable and got a new SE but only because the Z6 I had couldn't connect to PC or be charged any more. Goodbye, old pal!

  • christoph

a very fashionable fone i had for three years and not once did it breakdown. a fab fone always keeped me entertained

i think it lacks memory just a bit

well done sony!

  • lizette

best old fone EVER! my fone on site for 7 YEARS

  • Anonymous

i found this fone on the bin and does not work anymore

  • Dan

Ajac!, 11 Feb 2009Ive had this phone for almost 6 years, and it has never fai... moreI second that.. I have had it for about as long and the paint is rubbed off on the corners but it works like new.

  • Ajac!

Ive had this phone for almost 6 years, and it has never failed me, its awesome! Luv it!

  • kamen

can this phone downlod MXIT/EBUDY or somtng mobile chat??

  • mike

this phone rocks

  • spel

stzeich, 29 Nov 2008Z600... i luv you, i miss you so muchThe Z600 for it's time was an excellent phone. Massive keys, easy to read internal screen, with nice presentation. Really well organised, and easy to use, probably for it's time, the best phone i've had.