Sony Ericsson Z600

Sony Ericsson Z600

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  • GG

also, DMX, about how many camera-pictures can t610 hold? and is it true what they say about "memory leakage"

  • GG

Hey DMX you truly are our fountain of knowledge in here!! I read that you own a t610 and i'm interested in buying it too but i havent had the chance to use one yet. I would like you to compare the screen and photo resolution to the nokia 7250 and samsung v200/v205. thanks in advance

  • SS

Does anybody know how much memory has this phone? I don't see this mentioned in specifications.

  • Dr T610

This phone WILL! dominate ALL other phones!!!!! its the ultimate!!!!!!!! way to go S.E

  • enigo montoya

Pdiddy, do you ever have anything positive to say?
I think phone will be really great when it comes out, i just hope its soon thats all!


Another software laden, buggy phone from SE?
I hope not.

  • DMX

No idea.. I don't work for SE =).. Just owns the T610.

  • Anonymous

Hey, DMX, you're a fountain of knowledge, do you or anyone else know if this is definatly coming out in the UK? I Work for Nokia, but the Z600 is the business!!!

  • Nils

I'm going to play with it saturday @ Sony Dreamworld! :D

  • mustafabay

SE dominates

  • Anonymous

Is this handset set to come out in the UK? i can't find any info on it at Sony Ericcson's website.