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Sony Ericsson Z600

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  • DMX


I think I posted in the T610 thread already..

Having bluetooth is one thing.. having a proper software for it on the phone is another..

Samsung V200 has IR, so does the T610..
Can samsung send picture? No. T610 can.
Can samsung send ringtones? No. T610 can.
Can samsung send contacts? No. T610 can.
All this done without software..

IR only used to connect the phone to a computer.. and that, also you need the software to do so...

  • Goku

anyone know how much will this cost and when it's gonna be released in european market. gsm arena website is saying 3Q 2003, but hey it's 4Q soon. Is this like Siemens sx1 where they said 1Q 2003, then 2Q, then 3Q, then now end of December.

  • Sam

People...this comment space is for Z600. Yes, probably you can compare other phones to Z600 but don't use this space comparing at least 2 other different phones.

  • HaHa?

Unknown just check out web sites. below............ -_- GSM Arena doesn't have complete data.... And D700 forums usually doesn't show all data

  • Anonymous

Who told you D700 has bluetooth ?
D700 has no bluetooth...

  • HaHa?

Second address is wrong

  • HaHa?

hey DMX just buy D700

Go to these sites

  • craig to the b

A T610 but redesigned within a ClamShell and an improved screen. Please note to all T610 oweners. According to SE service centre there is a possibility that the Screen from the Z600 can be used on the T610!

  • DMX

For starters, it can't be the same phone. While looking at a Nokia there is a chance that it might be due to size, layout and all.. but this is totally different in design from the T610, not to mention the speakers and camera are all in totally different location.

Has good screen. Sadly, I prefer the T610's looks. Like the metal finish.

  • Anonymous

It doesnt have a memory stick slot. So they arent encouraging you to buy memory sticks. 2mb is enough, and if you want more then get a SMART phone.

  • jansen21

plain ol' ugly!!!


2MB means that Sony "encourages" you to buy their "memorysticks", and lots of them...

Perhaps it is likely that a 8/16 MB memstick would be included with a Z600? That would make sense, but may not be offered by all providers. Buyer beware, as always.

  • Mem

Only 2 MB like the T610? Seems to be the same phone in an other design. Poor .


I'd like to see a universal remote app on this model to cotnrol my stereo.

  • _b4g3r_

Z600 has 2 MB of memory...

  • Mem

How much memory has it for pictures, programs, games and so on ??

  • DMX

On 400kb free I'm able to keep about 7 large pictures. I rather go for large as the uncompressed file takes up some size =).. so yeah..

SE should have an option to activate or deactivate this feature..

  • joy

how much will z600 cost?

  • GG

hey DMX Thank you sooooo much for all the info. it really helped me a lot. one last question. about how many camera-pictures does your t610 hold?

  • DMX

It isn't leakage.. if you noticed the stories.. it's only for image files..
When you enter the Picture Gallery on the T610, you'll noticed how fast everything works.. this is because the phone saves an umcompressed thumbnail of the images thus creating the need for a larger file.

About photo resolution, don't bother comparing as they are similar.. Can't comment much on the Samsung as it's software is terrible. Will explain below about the Samsung later. As for 7250, it focuses well close by, but at a distance, it doesn't too well.. and the edge is blurred out and not too focused while the T610 is more even but not fantastic anywhere.

If camera, I guess I would vouch for the T610 as it's the most flexible with options to set shutter speed (faster for darker and slower for brighter images), effects, set the colour saturation (like you want it to be more colourful or more dull, up to you).

Samsung, I leave out because even if it had the best camera among the three, the software is terrible. All over the place like the 7250, but then worst.. limitations for memory with ringtones.. java.. terrible.. you know what I mean..