Sony Ericsson Z600

Sony Ericsson Z600

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  • Michael

really regret buying this phone, ill have t trade it on ebay. its got a poor screen, these images are deceiving

  • Danielle

thought it was excellent but i was mistaken. the screen isnt sharp and images are perky! the camera is the worst perfomer, a snap of a clear blue sky appears magenta! whats up with it!


Does anyone know about Bluetooth headset of Z600 ?

  • DON

This phone is simply great. I can even play the V-Rally 2 with my friend using bluetooth. The battery power is also not bad. Great job SE!!!

  • Anonymous

Banga what the hell are you saying?

  • Banga

I wont sony ericsson z600

  • chris

will it be out in us soon

  • Pan

When will Z600 be availiable to Europe?

  • rtcheah

very very good, i like it

  • joy

it maybe an improve version of t610 but why is it that they did not improve the memory and instead have it at 1.5 MB, the t610 has 2 MB already a lot of people complaining of too small

  • sutheep

right now its the most beautiful phone that I've ever had with all the right stuffs in it and I dont care whether the its the same as T610 I just love the screen colour but I just wanna know ? they'r selling in Thailand at this very moment thanks

  • HaHa?

Sorry wrong section

  • HaHa?

and it will have bluetooth even wi-fi !!!!

  • harry

The Panasonic X70 has 4MB and added, has a built-in flash included with their camera!

  • DMX

This and the T610. Z600 has better screen and supposed to have better polyphonic. Software could be better too since it shares the same platform of the T610, SE now knows the fault of it and would correct it. Trust me. Alot of issued on the T68i was corrected on the T610.

It isn't 1.5mb shared memory, it's 2mb shared memory. They got it wrong. Just like the T610, it has 2mb.

1.5mb is when you buy it from voda or something where they have their software on it.. takes up space for no reason..

  • Dr.Octupus

So so good!!!!!

  • HaHa?

But it feature too much price............

  • Anonymous

no external color screen. what a shame.

  • Anonymous

SE is now making flip phones which means the japanese have total control of SE and are ericsson's bosses

  • Long Nguyen Binh

Dear Sir,

I want buy Z600, when Z600 redly.