Sony reveals which phones will get updated to Android 9.0 Pie

Peter, 17 August 2018

Sony has officially revealed which of its phones are on the Android Pie update waiting list. Basically, if you have a recent flagship or a new mid-ranger, you’re on the list.

The premium Xperia XZ line (from the XZ Premium onward) can expect to get Pie in November (an earlier schedule had the update coming in September).

The Xperia XA2 lineup will have to wait until early 2019.



Reader comments

  • Anonymous

It depends on how brand managed their business, you can't blame them since it is their business strategy, normally for flagship class 2 major upgrade is Normal and for middle class 1 major upgrade is Very Great since mostly this middle and low class ...

  • Anonymous

Already 2 years and 2 major upgrade which is normal for flagship class

  • Anonymous


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