Sony reveals which phones will get updated to Android 9.0 Pie

17 August 2018
Recent flagships will get it before the end of the year, new mid-rangers are getting it early next year.

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  • Anonymous

Ruth, 19 Aug 2018Now XA1/XA1 Ultra are abandon. I haven't received update fo... moreIt depends on how brand managed their business, you can't blame them since it is their business strategy, normally for flagship class 2 major upgrade is Normal and for middle class 1 major upgrade is Very Great since mostly this middle and low class never receive major upgrade, Nokia marketing is different since it is the brand value for giving the major upgrade for all class if their hardware is capable

  • Anonymous

franz.alex, 19 Aug 2018Umm.. Xperia X Performance anyone? Already 2 years and 2 major upgrade which is normal for flagship class

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 18 Aug 2018And nobody use xperia anymore dudeTrue

Anonymous, 18 Aug 2018And nobody use xperia anymore dudeYou don't use doesn't mean no one use Xperia. Don't be tunnel vision.

therion, 18 Aug 2018make some bezeless phone then we talk againSamsung foldable phone must have extra bezel, I am waiting you shut up.

SZTadir, 17 Aug 2018Someone commented on some website that the reason why XZs a... moreYet 1+3&3T with snap820/821 are both getting pie. It's just typical Sony.

  • JJ

Great updates our you Flagships SONY.

Umm.. Xperia X Performance anyone?

  • XZ

No love for xperia XZ, phone with SD 820 paid with pretty penny.

  • Anonymous

Peter-B, 17 Aug 2018Someone should tell OnePlus that, they are bringing Pie to ... moreNo one stops anyone to upgrade even a 2015 phone to Android Pie but there is an enormous gap between available hardware low level functionality of what was available in 2015 and whats available in software today. That alone guarantees only one thing: not everything will work properly most likely. We are not talking only about CPU exclusively but other components inside the phone that manufacturer has to write new drivers for. If there are no native drivers Android will emulate itself over it with (reason why Android supports infinite hardware combos is because it emulates itself and that's why it's the worst performing major mobile OS) Even Qualcom officially doesn't support some chips for Oreo upgrade and it will not support Pie on some as well , that means that phone manufacturer will have to write third-party driver even for the CPU.

Unless Google has solved a lifelong problem of every new Android version having a larger appetite like being more and more resource hungry I kind of have doubts that original performance of these devices will prevail. Maybe in G6 that would not be that apparent cause it's already a dog of a phone if you try to run anything more than HTML apps and Calendar but that is the target market so consumer might not see the performance decrease but it case of OnePlus 3 running SD820 that would be more than apparent. SD820 is unpredictable chip, it's flawed from the factory. It didn't work right with the software of it's time and for sure will not work right with software of today. Chinese are very bad at updates as well, I love their skins for Android they are very creative but performance is not their game. With every major skin update everyday performance gets downgraded, you can ask many Huawei, Xiami users about that. They do not invest too much to properly support already available phones. Take OnePlus with Marshmallow and one with Oreo and compare everyday performance

  • cherry75

Dear Sir
I wont get an Xperia R1 Plus Update as I was told it is Upgradable to 9 Plz see its newly launch phone
Thanks Ankur

  • Ruth

Now XA1/XA1 Ultra are abandon. I haven't received update for some months already after Oreo. My mother Nokia 6 already got 8.1 and receives update every month.

  • Steve

therion, 18 Aug 2018make some bezeless phone then we talk againMarket is full of bezeless phones you just have to pick your Oppo, Poppo, Whoopo, Mi, Gee, Vivo, Nivo, Tivo, AndOne, PlusOne, TimesOne, etc

  • Cali

Thanks Sony for XZ Premium pie 🥧 update!

  • Anonymous

CptPower, 18 Aug 2018Man i was thinking L1 which had nougat. It dont get even or... moreNo problem man.

  • therion

make some bezeless phone then we talk again

  • Anonymous

Predictive memorys, 18 Aug 2018Sony release Google cameras update, firmware updates and co... moreAnd nobody use xperia anymore dude

Anonymous, 17 Aug 2018fixed :-) they are not samsung. Glad it fixed. That Samsung comment though totally irrelevant.

Anonymous, 17 Aug 2018Sony L that launched with android 4.2.2? Are you kidding me?Man i was thinking L1 which had nougat. It dont get even oreo. Not an android P.
L1 and L2. Sorry for misunderstanding.

Lil Perv, 17 Aug 2018Not supported BruvWell garbage company they release a 300 eur phone which is a price of a decent midranger but no updates.
Sony is creepy.