Sony Xperia 5 II official announcement set for September 17

Peter, 27 August 2020

Sony scheduled a “new product announcement” for September 17 and the #SonyXperia hashtag leaves little doubt that there’s a new phone on the way. The company wouldn’t be making so much noise unless it was about to launch the Sony Xperia 5 II, right?

We saw the first renders of the phone yesterday, showing a triple cam with ZEISS T* lenses as well as a classic top and bottom bezel design on the front. There isn’t much info on the hardware, however. It should be very close to the Xperia 1 II, save for some changes (e.g. the 3D ToF sensor seems to have gone missing).

Sony will announce a new Xperia phone on September 17, the Xperia 5 II, perhaps?

The screen size is the major unknown – Mark II Xperia 1 stuck with a 6.5” diagonal, same as the Mark I. If the 5-series model does the same, that means a 6.1” screen. Some early rumors claimed that it will be smaller, though it’s not clear how reliable those are. Either way, it will most likely be a 1080p panel, certainly not 4K.

We may see other models – global version of the newly-unveiled Xperia 8 Lite or the new 12 GB Xperia 1 II models perhaps (both of which are exclusive to Japan for now). Some rumors claimed that the Xperia Compact and Premium lines will be making a comeback.

Anyway, Sony will livestream the announcement on its YouTube channel starting at 7:00 AM UTC.



Reader comments

  • Miky

My Xperia 5 is just lovely, a perfectly shaped and nice looking phone with high qual feel, perfect in the palm, perfect to browse Web or use for two windows, perfect for one hand in that easy chageable mode. Nice camera shots and videos. Am looking ...

  • Anonymous

Had a xz2 compact. After a short time It didn't work. Wast of a lot of Money

  • Anonymous

My Sony phone lost it's phone features after several months. Sony couldn't care less.

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