Sony Xperia 10 II

Sony Xperia 10 II

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  • Anonymous

Hilmawan, 24 Feb 2020But even the Xiaomi Mi A3 doesn't meet Google's requirement... moreWho cares about android entreprise recommandation?
For security both chinese and non chinese phones have the sape security patches from Android

  • batman

Johnny, 24 Feb 2020Where is Xperia 10 II plus??? 6.0" it's to small...only reason I would pick this phone is because it's narrow. why does everyone want to carry a huge phone that can't fit in your pocket. because of demand for huge phones, you can't find a decent small phone.. it's a shame

  • Anonymous

it obviously you can't use SD730, 730G, SD765G
use it exclusively for first time in this model
its better than snapdragon 710, 712
for god sake you are SONY
behave like SONY just a little....

  • HhHH1717100

why you make narrow phones are you mad sony

No notch no punchole no waterdrop, that's great.

  • nick sloter

TSi Power, 24 Feb 2020too narrow too much narrowit is perfect. please, go buy samsung

  • Anonymous

Akos, 24 Feb 2020No Galileo? Will be any smaller Xperia soon?With the Snapdragon 665 and the X12 modem there is mandatory GPS and Glonass, Beidou, Galileo, QZSS and even SBAS (EGNOS operator in Europe).

  • Anonymous

Wow, this seems like a promising device, except the chipset, everything else about this phone is very good. Nice and sharp OLED display, IP 65/68 water and dust resistance, and an actual useful triple camera setup (main + ultrawide + telephoto, not some crap depth sensor or macro camera).

Low spec, high price.
This device would have been interesting on the MWC in 2019.

  • Anonymous

Johnny, 24 Feb 2020Where is Xperia 10 II plus??? 6.0" it's to small...Where is Xperia 10 II compact??? 6.0" it's to big... XD

  • opaw

yes 6" or less will be great!

Sony should continue to make phones like this because most of us don't need phones with the latest and greatest specs, just focus on providing longer updates and important features that will be very useful in everyday use.

When talking about improvement, of course we can all mention anything that can be added so that this phone can be better like stereo speakers, better chipset and soo on but at least when compared to other phones Xperia 10II has unique features that are not found in other phones.

  • Anonymous

Not the best specs but it is quite compact.

  • sbl

This time SD665, not good...

  • sa

Anonymous, 24 Feb 2020If you ever use a phone other than Sony you'll Know that th... moreThat's not true, most chinese manufactured phones are terribly optimized.

Gug555, 24 Feb 2020With Snapdragon 665 Oled screen. . Why??? Price 300$+ think... moreBut even the Xiaomi Mi A3 doesn't meet Google's requirements for Android Enterprise recomended devices!?aer

If you value security Sony phones are better than Xiaomi or Realme even though it has higher price and lower specs but if you prefer high specs, low price and doesn't care about security then stop wasting your time looking at Sony phones because Chinese phones will always be cheaper than Sony or other non Chinese brands unless Japan is able to build its own manufacturing plant and get cheap workers like China.

Johnny, 24 Feb 2020Where is Xperia 10 II plus??? 6.0" it's to small...The phone isn't really small, check the body dimensions. The display diagonal is less because of the wide cinematic screen ratio 21:9 ;)

  • Van ikkie

i feel like the specs are lower than of the other phones

  • Johnny

Where is Xperia 10 II plus??? 6.0" it's to small...

too narrow
too much narrow