Sony Xperia 10 III

Sony Xperia 10 III

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Anonymous, 14 Apr 2021To play DVDs 😒and how are you gonna do that?

    do you think it has any chance against Samsung A72 (with 90hz display)?

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      • Kujtim Zymeri
      • gC7
      • 14 Apr 2021

      TheGoldenMellifluous, 14 Apr 2021The 6 GB of RAM is fulfilled, and it was expected honestly ... moreA xperia with 6 gb ram its an Megeladon.

        notafanboy, 10 Apr 20216 gigs of RAM and at least 3x telephoto is necessary, other... moreThe 6 GB of RAM is fulfilled, and it was expected honestly from those leaks from the past few months. The camera though is still 2x telephoto for now, but we'll see what Sony brings in underhood, as Mark III Series is much likely and leaning toward updating the features underhood than at glance, unlike when the Mark II Series seen as a big update at first glance from the Mark I Series.

          If only they trim top bottom bezels more its good..6" at 155mm urgh

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            • yrh
            • 14 Apr 2021

            this device is perfect thanx sony for not copying stupid punchole

              God, why aren't there Sony phones in the Middle East? Why??? Why did Sony deprive the Middle East of its phones?

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                • 3Z5
                • 14 Apr 2021

                noob8500, 14 Apr 2021why would a phone have a dvd player To play DVDs 😒

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                  • 14 Apr 2021

                  Anonymous, 14 Apr 2021No DVD player 😥😥😥😥Haa? DVD Player?!! What the....

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                    • Bebi
                    • D0h
                    • 14 Apr 2021

                    When will you launch the product in lndia

                      Makimaki, 14 Apr 2021Seems good phone. Certainly update over previous one. As my... more690 5g is identical to 750g just with a slightly lower CPU clock speed as well as GPU clock speed. in real-life usage, you wouldn't notice a difference since both utilizes the same ai, image, video processing, 4k 60fps, slow mo recording. in a day to day basis their the same soc being said the 750 with some slight tweaks thats all

                        Anonymous, 14 Apr 2021No DVD player 😥😥😥😥why would a phone have a dvd player

                          Seems good phone. Certainly update over previous one. As my experience goes, no matter ehat soc u use for gaming, mid or high end, it will run games smoothly. Only thing separating high or mid lvl phones is sound and telephoto. Recently all mid rangers lost telephoto in favour of macro. But Sony kept telephoto, albiet 2x, but 2x has also Sammy note 10 lite and it is excellent enough. I hope that price wise SN 690 is cheaper than 7** series and phone gets lower than 400 Eur tag

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                            • 14 Apr 2021

                            Anonymous, 14 Apr 2021No DVD player 😥😥😥😥Best comment ever! 😁

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                              • DC MUGEN
                              • 8jm
                              • 14 Apr 2021

                              Oled Hdr
                              Ip rated
                              Gorilla glass front and back
                              6gb of ram and 128gb of ufs storage
                              Triple camera (useful not the macro crap)
                              4500mah battery.
                              This phone is one the best midrangers.. Coming from the 10 ii which is very solid phone although it never had the respect it deserves.

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                                • 14 Apr 2021

                                Eron, 13 Apr 2021No radio 😥😥😥😥No DVD player 😥😥😥😥

                                  Really glad to see the IP65/68 certification is still here and the battery capacity received a massive gain over 10 ii's 3,600mAh. I do however hope that Sony doesn't fully remove the offline FM Radio functionality for the SEA market as I frequently use it all the time.

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                                    • 14 Apr 2021

                                    Sad that there is no 90 hz or/and Snapdragon 7-Series like the 750, 765 or 780

                                      Not worth more than 12000₹, but thet will sell it for more than 30000 rupees.

                                        And 4.5Ah battery.