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Sony Xperia 10 IV

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  • 01 Aug 2022

KM2021, 31 Jul 2022Hi, pls help with your experience on 10iv : How about it pe... moregoogle maps can be a tiny bit laggy. thats about it. I have a Samsung s9 to compare to. It seems to be almost identical to the performance of the s9. I have no experience with long calls. And about the heat. I generates less heat doing the same tasks compared to the S9. I never seen it go above 100F, At least in my uses. The seller I bought from Amazon accepts returns. So I can return if I have any issues. So far,I have no reason to return. Its the battery life and lightweight is the real reason to keep this phone. Its kind of a unicorn how something so light can have such great battery life. I did some work again today (uber and instacart). battery went from 78% to 27%. screen on time of 6 hours and 54 mins. just insane.

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    • nGW
    • 01 Aug 2022

    I used this phone for about a week.

    + Screen great, except the normal OLED colour tint when viewing from an angle
    + Excellent battery life
    + Fine granularity (lots of steps) on speaker volume control
    + Android has modifications that fix "issues" with stock Android such as cut-off app names (e.g. Android stock/One = "Flight Ra...", Sony = "Flight Radar"
    + Lightweight
    + Quick startup
    ± Doesn't switch itself on when plugged in to charge
    + Solid, no flex to phone when trying to bend
    + Speaker on front (other brands often bottom or side)
    + Several years of Android updates
    + Good vibration

    - Speaker quality not the best
    - In my opinion, materials do not reflect the price (a bit plasticky, particularly the back)
    - Narrow, a lot narrower than my old 5.5" phone. 6" sounds big but it is tall and narrow.
    - 21:9, as above, narrow and tall. Good luck reaching the top with ease.
    - No pre applied screen protector. Sony say no plastic packaging, but to me the screen protector is not packaging.
    - Camera nothing special for the price
    - Edges of screen seem to collect a bit of dirt

    I may have have kept it but I found the width too narrow. My thumb is maybe slightly longer than average and I had to kind of "contort" my thumb. The small size makes you comfortable with using it one-handed for most of the time, but my thumb was hurting after a few days.

    Other people will of course have different opinions, but I hope that this helps you.

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      • vaS
      • 31 Jul 2022

      Always been keeping tabs on the Xperia 10 line yet with every iteration, Sony always manages to cripple this line and keep it from becoming as good value for money as the best well rounded larger midrange Android phones.

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        • Aadrian
        • S3$
        • 31 Jul 2022

        Anyone knows if there's a 10 IV plus coming with a larger display perhaps? Sony used to have a Xperia 10 plus in the past.

          James, 31 Jul 2022I just got this phone for gig work (doordash, uber, instaca... moreHi, pls help with your experience on 10iv : How about it performance ?
          - with SD 695,does it runs smooth in daily task ? Any laggy ?
          - long use with GPS + Google Maps , and long video call (45min), is it overheated ?
          - can camera give out pics with clear words when taking photo of documents ?

          I'm using XZ since 2016, it is enough for my daily use, except these problems : lag, overheat on multi task and short time onscreen. I intend to buy a new phone and consider this 10iv.

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            • Very nice phone
            • AZ1
            • 31 Jul 2022

            Marky T., 07 Jul 20221. Flat sides - easier to hold, better looking 2. Plastic ... moreLightweight+sd card slot.
            So rare this days.

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              • 31 Jul 2022

              I just got this phone for gig work (doordash, uber, instacart). First time using it. Started at 77% ended at 40%. Total screen on time of 5 hours and 19 mins - that is only using 37% of battery. So this looks like an easy 10 hours+ SOT if you go from 80% to 0%. Incredible!! I have never seen battery life so good on a phone before. Other positives: narrow width (easy to hold one handed), OLED screen, headphone jack, micro sd card, no punchout hole, no notch, complete 21:9 screen, lightweight, it has LED notifcation light, fast enough for most everyday tasks, low amount of pre installed software. Now to the bad: No 4k, small camera sensor (means poor image quality). Slow charging I dont really see it as a negative as slow charging will increase battery life and also since the phone can last a day very easily for most users it is not a problem. Just plug it in before going to bed.

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                • 31 Jul 2022

                Orister, 30 Jul 2022The phone is good with the format and battery but the charg... moreYou must use your phone a lot! The battery on this is incredible. Easily last more than a day. I just plug it in before going to bed.

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                  • 31 Jul 2022

                  Orister, 30 Jul 2022The phone is good with the format and battery but the charg... moreAre you using a fast charger?

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                    • Orister
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                    • 30 Jul 2022

                    The phone is good with the format and battery but the charge is very slowww... You have a solution ? Thanks you

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                      • 30 Jul 2022

                      Overheats just by using it as a hotspot. Sony IS and HAS been out of the game for a looking while... Now I know why.
                      Great concept phone. BUT UI and software is as bad as it gets. On Monday I'll buy a new phone again. Not even one week. Sony should really stop making phones!

                        AB 48, 01 Jul 2022What about Always On Display ??????

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                          • 30 Jul 2022

                          jolik, 27 Jul 2022Here goes my review after 3 weeks of usage, in general very... moreRadio is specified in the specifications.

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                            • Omid 46
                            • dMu
                            • 29 Jul 2022

                            A midrange super phone with telephoto and affordable price.

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                              • LTAhlstrom
                              • 3$1
                              • 28 Jul 2022

                              Really like the format and battery life. But when you come from a Samsung UI, this UI REALLY sucks. On point with those effing windows phone phones, really bad.
                              BUT, WILL Leary to live with it, because of the formfaktor tho. Really love the ease of using one hand again. Otherwise, fast, snappy budget phone. Phone, thumbs UP. UI, thumbs DOWN.

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                                • 27 Jul 2022

                                I like Sony phones. Their designs are unique and different. Really like the no punch hole design. I wish they made a truly compact phone 145mm height max. There is the Sony xperia ace 3 but that is exclusive to Japan. Considering Apple have managed to make a 'mini' version with high specs, I am suprised no company has tried to make an android phone (at least midrange hardware) with iphone mini dimensions.

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                                  • 27 Jul 2022

                                  Here goes my review after 3 weeks of usage, in general very satisfied with the phone, it is solid and well-built. Totally reccomended.

                                  Happy with:
                                  Slim and elegant Design (plus no notch/hole)
                                  Screen format 21:9, something different. Got used to it and love it.
                                  Screen quality
                                  Battery life (probably the best around)
                                  All the 3 Cameras in general
                                  SD card tray
                                  Processor (runs fast/without problems for all my tasks)
                                  Sony UI multi-task / pop-up window
                                  Sound quality via jack 3,5mm

                                  Not so happy:
                                  No built in equalizer (only for Sony headphones)
                                  No FM radio
                                  Camera auto HDR needs refine (sometimes too bright areas in photos)
                                  Low light photos could be improved
                                  Double speaker would be better

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                                    • Spark
                                    • Fvd
                                    • 25 Jul 2022

                                    I had it for a couple of days.
                                    Build quality was good. It took just a little bit to get used to the 21/9 format so a slim profile.
                                    I vas comparing it to my Motorola One Zoom.
                                    Colors were ok, but nothing very impresive. Battery was good. Fingerprint sensor was fast.
                                    Camera was descent.

                                    My only gripe with it was one thing that i could not get used to is that it had no way to wake up the screen except pushing the volume buttons. No always on display (not such a big deal), no Lift to wake or double tap to wake (very anoying).
                                    This was the big reason for me for witch i sold it. As i was used to the Motorola peek display.

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                                      • 8N3
                                      • 24 Jul 2022

                                      Anonymous, 23 Jul 2022They could've put in an older flagship chip like the 8... moreYeah, an old chip that is not made anymore and does not have built-in modem.
                                      Also uses old A75 cores while this one has A78

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                                        • Mr. Nerd
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                                        • 23 Jul 2022

                                        Anonymous, 23 Jul 2022They could've put in an older flagship chip like the 8... moreYeah it's true but the total endurance rating would drastically drop.
                                        Maybe they fixed an underpowered chipset to just boost battery life.