Sony Xperia 10 Plus

Sony Xperia 10 Plus

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  • AndrewL

Well, I got mine on Wednesday and I have to say that it is totally awesome. The shape seemed a bit odd to start with but now I am used to it, I have to say the best phone I have ever had. Loving it.....

  • Anonymous

xiaomi mi 9 snapdragon 855 price 400 euro
pocophone f1 Snapdragon 845 price 290-340 euro
Xperia 10 plus Snapdragon 636 price 430 euro.

Jeebus crust, the amount of negative comments here is really disappointing to say the least. Sony nailed it with the design, they finally went back to their roots again and gave us a REAL Sony phone this time, unlike last year's generic and mundane looking XZ3.

Finally a phone that actually stand's out from today's generic glass-backed, curved bezel, notched phone.

And for the record, I'm not saying I'll buy this phone (yes the specs are mediocre), however I am a big fan of this phone's design. My daily driver is the LG V30 which is a stellar phone, but just doesn't have that "uniqueness" that Sony phones have. Kinda like how I like my grills.

Sixth Wave, 28 Feb 2019Sony has problems in developing its designsNo it doesn't, you just have bad unrefined tastes in phone designs.

  • joke ?

Sony are you kidding ?
are you serious ?
are you sure ?

do you think this is phone of 2019 ?
6.5 inch and 3000 mah battery ?

i think this is the fake phone of 2019

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 28 Feb 2019This is for those who understand engineering device only. I didn't see anything smart in this phone.

  • hmm

A bit late with the got right with the part that no chin and only forehead bezel. But that forehead bezel is to large and 167mm is too tall phone for 73mm wide.

It's like your home TV remote controller with phone feature.

Sony has problems in developing its designs

  • Anonymous

Gary, 28 Feb 2019Very overpriced for SD636 and small 3000mah batteryThis is for those who understand engineering device only.

  • Anonymous

It will be excellent phone. Most smart this phone. I love Sony.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 28 Feb 2019what the price? 😅About 430€

  • Anonymous

what the price? 😅

  • Gary

Anonymous, 27 Feb 2019Prices just released in Hong Kong. 10 plus HK$2999 US$385 10 ... moreVery overpriced for SD636 and small 3000mah battery

  • Praveen

Dude, 25 Feb 2019This better be around 200-250 Euro for those specsYa right

  • Hyder

Get well soon sony snapgragon 636 at the premium price.

  • Anonymous

6.5 inch & 3000mah
oh i want it very bad!!!!!!!!

430 EUR and Snapdragon 636. No, thanks.

  • Anonymous

Prices just released in Hong Kong.
10 plus HK$2999 US$385
10 HK$2499 US$320

same starting prices as XA2 and XA2 ultra last year.
However, it looks like 10 plus is true dual sim cards and not hybrid.

  • nahhhh

should have at least SD 660. lmao.

  • Anonymous

Bwahahaha....... Sony gonna overprice this last last year old low-mid end SoC and fans still gonna defend it.