Sony Xperia 10 V

Sony Xperia 10 V

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PeterM, 11 May 2023They must be joking with the SD 695 againalso 6gb ram..

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    • Trooper
    • mE0
    • 11 May 2023

    muradka66, 11 May 2023Except the stereo, what the difference with 10 IV?It's newer, and is one model number higher than the older phone...

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      • Koay
      • tZ4
      • 11 May 2023

      Overpriced asf for this phone that giving this kind of specs really disappointed

        Except the stereo, what the difference with 10 IV?

          GeeX, 11 May 2023Still 60Hz ? Omg....I don't see any problem with it since most apps are still capped at 60Hz anyway. Even for me, I mostly use 60Hz all the time despite having a 120Hz screen refresh rate.

            PeterM, 11 May 2023They must be joking with the SD 695 againPretty much everyone is still using 695 in 2023. The last time I read news about a smartphone with 6 Gen 1, it was from Honor and guess what? It never happened.

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              • PeterM
              • LeZ
              • 11 May 2023

              They must be joking with the SD 695 again

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                • GeeX
                • a4{
                • 11 May 2023

                Still 60Hz ? Omg....

                  Lol another E-waste/Dead on arrival. This phone will launch 350+ USD like the 10 IV, which means is already crap vs competitors. Seriously a SD695 in 2023 on a 350USD phone???

                  This phone sucks because:
                  - Underpowered processor, at $300+, you would atleast expect a 778G MINIMUM, better if D8200 or 7+G2
                  - 60Hz screen, lol their competitors are putting amazing 120hz Oleds and high end 144hz LCDs on midrangers now, Sony cant even give us 90Hz.
                  - Slow charging, 21W in 2023 is snail pace when everyone else can do 30-40W minimum.
                  - Outdated video capability, it can only shoot 1080p30fps, wtf.
                  -Poor software support, you only get 1-2years when everyone else like Samsung, Oppo, Oneplus, and even Motorola can give you 3+ years

                  The japanese still have zero idea on how to attract global customers. No wonder no japanese phone company is doing well.

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                    • Anonymous
                    • JBG
                    • 11 May 2023

                    Snapdragon 695 must be the most popular SoC of all time

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                      • p6y
                      • 11 May 2023

                      Why would anyone buy this except if it would be 200€ which won’t happen?
                      It’s literally the same phone

                        So bad decision for sony to put this phone with 695 again, the snapdragon 6 or 7 will be great.