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Sony Xperia 1 II

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  • ouie

can anyone have experience the front cam suddenly began not to function - prompting the "failed to camera preview"? help?

  • atb

Yesterday i receive a new update june security patch for my already 1 year old Xperia 1 ii with buildnummber: 58.1.A.5.280 the size of the update is about 407 MB so it is more then just a security patch there are some improvements as well i hav nt observe any problems during the last year this phones still delievers excellent performance.

  • LCDean

pr0xibus, 22 Jun 2021Is this phone still worth it in mid 2021? Contract is due ... moreI've just orded one. Comes tomorrow.

  • pr0xibus

Is this phone still worth it in mid 2021? Contract is due to expire soon and was looking at an xperia , dont want to pay the prices for the new iii tho

  • Woland

in photo pro can i still use voice to start shutter? i have only one hand...

  • Slack

I heavily researched when looking to replace my Rog2. It was an excellent phone but didn't have wireless charging and was too wide for one hand typing. This phone had everything I wanted. Wireless charging, 5G, AptxHD, Bluetooth 5.0, OLed screen and a fantastic camera.

  • Anonymous

John, 10 Jun 2021I just noticed something: This is, currently, the smartphon... moreinterestingly... somebody tested the performance of xperia 1 ii and s21 ultra, head to head... and xperia 1 ii won on most categories... "may not be" the case all the time, but it is a good start... now imagine xperia 1 iii...

  • John

I just noticed something: This is, currently, the smartphone that got the highest number of Favorites on this website. Even Samsung's Galaxy S21 Ultra and Galaxy S20 Ultra, which is in second and third place respectively at the moment, is nowhere near to this phone. It does show that there are people who aren't stupid enough to believe in marketing hype.

  • Dusan

I had a long NOKIA for the photo where the culprits were.
Then I had SAMSUNG and HUAWEI who let me down with a photo.

SONY xperia 1II is great. Not only for the photo but also for the user.
She hasn't let me down yet.

  • Alpha

Got this beauty a week back, sadly my phone cover is yet to come. My cat decided to push it off the table, and then it fell down. I expected the glass to have a crack or few scratches. Lucky for me thanks to Gorilla Glass 6 the phone was completely fine!

  • Xperianced

Love the phone, however missing band 30 is a real bummer on At&t for my area. Whenever I go to a town nearby that uses band 30, I go from 69-72 mbps down to 0.6-1 mbps. 3G+ gives me about 5.5-6 mbps, but I got to manually switch to 3G & then back 4G/LTE once I'm home. Feel Sony is limiting their own sales in US by not supporting all the bands of the 3 US carriers, because I would've certainly bought more phones.

  • Anonymous

337PHG, 02 Jun 2021Hi all. Just a few questions. 1. Has anyone been having is... more2 i am still on android 10 since i am using it as a work phone and i cannot just transfer the data that fast... and i dont have a 64bit pc with me, since pc companion does not repair on 32bit already... well, just in case... usually pc companion fixes issues, mostly due to "residual data" from older version...

  • 337PHG

Hi all. Just a few questions.
1. Has anyone been having issues with their Xperia 1 mk2 after the upgrade to Android 11?
2. Who all have still left this device with Android 10?
3. Whats the big diffferences. cant be just interface and apperance?

I'm in two minds. would like some feedback.

Alpha, 29 May 2021Hi anyone using this phone tell me when you use Camera Pro ... moreYes you can.

  • Alpha

Hi anyone using this phone tell me when you use Camera Pro can you get Portraits with blur in the background?

  • Alpha

Burky, 13 May 2021Been using now for around a year . massive Sony mobile fan ... moreYeah try again..Troll

  • Darklight

Would like to share my opinion with you aswell as the others :)

I use this Smartphone since release date (pre-purchased) in Germany.
I use my phone daily mainly as a 'Phone' and taking some photos with it a few times a week, and for not so many social apps (mainly Telegram and 9gag + a few Apps to read the news). Can't share anything about apps like Facebook etc. cause i'm not having any of them.

My experience so far:
- Display settings set to 4K profile. Dolby Atmos constantly ON - Dynamic. WiFi and GPS ~90% time ON aswell as Mobile Data. Display brightnes set to adaptive. With these settings my battery needs to be recharged every 2-3 Days. 3 Days if mostly if I have a more busy day.
- I like how many adjustments there are for the Cameras. It makes the experience of taking good photos even better. And the quality itself is quite an improvement over my last Smartphone (Huawei P20 pro). Takes even better photos than my girlfriends P30 pro.
- For me personally it is way better to hold it and operate single-hand because of the 21:9 display format as my hands are not that big. It's way better for me than with my last phone.
- What i'm not so happy about is the Fingerprint scanner. Sometimes works fine, sometimes doesn't recognise my fingerprint.
- Audio quality and loudness are really good. Better in any way over my last phone.
- As for calling it's OK. It's loud enough but the quality could be a little better. I'd give a 7/10 overall. BUT calling someone via eg. Telegram is very good. Crisp quality and loudness. 9/10.
- Because of the 21:9 format I can easly use 2 Apps or App + Browser the same time no problem. And it's way better for eg. GPS Navigation. Some Apps show more details because there is more space on the Display.
- Headphone Jack

  • Dark

Jerj, 14 May 2021Hi Dear, I am planning to get an XP 1 mk2, but I have be... moreHi, never experienced any of the listed problems. I have pre-purchased this Phone and have it since 1 Year now :)


  • Anonymous

Minu, 18 May 2021Go for hypocrite Shamesung if you don't want the SD &q... moreLike which company isn't hypocritical in one way or another?

Xsae, 09 May 2021Really 3.5mm hole on top of phone?.... You should remove t... moreGo for hypocrite Shamesung if you don't want the SD "grave" in the phone as well