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[deleted post]Please provide evidence for your claims that Sony with 18W charging will degrade slower compared to Chinese flagships with faster Charging.

And I don't want therotical garbage, I want real world tests conducted where they pit Sony flagship with their outdated 18W charging against Chinese flagships, with their faster charging and their results over a period of time 2-3 years.

Don't you dare bringing in anecdotal evidence for your reply.

Telephone, 17 Apr 2020Don't say anything if you don't know what what you're talking ab... moreNormal Heat is generated during charging every phone. Battery degradation accelerates faster only when there is excessive heat generated. The biggest assumption made by idio*
like you, is that excess heat is generated by Chinese fast charging technology when in reality, all that heat is kept in check.

All the tech like Oppo with 65W splitting into two different batteries, etc is done to minimize heat. OnePlus warp charger localizing heat at the adaptor, etc. Added cooling on Nubia and Black Shark phones, 5-10 different levels of sophisticated battery health protection modes, etc are available on Chinese phones. These things are above the expertise of Sony. Hence they stick to weak 18W -21W fast charging.

You are making assumptions that excess heat is generated with 30W and above fast charging when in reality it's the Same amount of heat generated by Sony with 18W charging, even less heat than that in many cases. On top of that being equipped with more charge cycles per battery puts it ahead of regular batteries from Sony.

Also, Bigger battery prolongs battery health since 4000mah batteries will obviously need to be charged more number of times compared to 5000mAh-6000mah batteries as they are getting empty faster. Thereby increasing charge cycles and increasing battery degradation over time. Now I know you'll talk about battery efficiency of Sony despite its smaller sized battery but in reality, All battery endurance ratings are dominated by Chinese phones.

Nick.B, 17 Apr 2020If I pay 1200 eur I need top features. I might not need it and u... moreYou didn't even answer my question. But I understand what you wanted to say. Because of where you live, the combination of your region's satellites and the high population leads to slower connection and higher inaccuracy. (single band GPS) The Dual band GPS would be best choice for you. The problem, Xperia 1 II either doesn't have it, or there is a possibility that certain regions will have it and some won't. (most likely not) I've checked around Sony and it said in the location spec that it can vary on region. (since different parts of the world uses different satellites in the orbit)

Here is my advice for you. Always think about how a certain tech would be beneficial to your life. Whether it is work, school, everyday life, vacations etc. How would having the better tech add real life practicality? Does it just feel better to you to have dual band GPS when others don't? Think about it. I know you are trying to consider the Xperia 1 II as your next potential phone upgrade. So just take your time, spend your money on what makes you happy everyday.

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Is this phone capable of fhd 960 slo mo?

AlexP, 17 Apr 2020Very good explanation, even kid will understand. I don't why tro... moreYes, I agree. I wish companies can add software charging speed switches.
Right now the only way to limit charging speed is by using a weaker charger. (such as 18w)
Once software switches are part on the android system, I would love to have the capability to Ultra fast charge. Its nice when you need it. But most of the time I don't need it (I charge the phone before I sleep all the time) My Xperia 1 has over 45-65% battery left by the time I go to bed everyday.

SLSAHXOHVOMVN, 17 Apr 2020Lol Sony using old school fast charging technology. It's nowhere... moreDon't say anything if you don't know what what you're talking about.
Fast charge and ultra fast charging has been around for over a decade.
(also remember, in the late 90s, early 2000s, Sony manufactured Li-ion batteries. Made in Japan in fact) Sony knows more about Li-ion than all those Chinese brands. Even Apple has poor battery management.
Its the company's decision to determine whether its better to sacrifice battery longevity over battery performance (charging and discharging)
Also YOU don't know nothing about Li-ion battery chemistry. If you know the specific chemistry, then tell me. They are just using a GENERIC high discharge Lithium Polymer. You wont ever find LiFePo4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate) in a cellphone. (Prismatic version encased in plastic bricks) (its my favorite Li-ion chemistry) 1500+ cycles, low internal resistance, and High discharge rates.
Bigger capacity doesn't mean less degradation. Its Proportional to the capacity.
Sony limited the charge rate to 1C to minimize degradation. So even if the other phones used a better chemistry claiming it can take more cycles. It wont make a difference if it degrades at a higher rate. Ultra fast charging is just going to KILL the battery.
@SLSAHXOHVOMVN Read this and tell me what you think.­a_fast_chargers
Scroll down to
"Limitations to ultra-fast charging Li-ion"
Other companies don't care about longevity. They just want you to buy a new phone ASAP.

Tann Hauser, 17 Apr 2020Yes, rightsided on top bezel. Xperia 1 has notif.LED, quote gsmarena review: The top black strip contains the earpiece, which also doubles as a speaker. On its left Sony has placed all other essentials - the well-hidden tri-color (R,G,W) notification LED, a bunch of sensors, and the 8MP selfie camera.

But it is too early to confirm for Xperia 1 mark 2 I looked google, sony website, and else. No word for now. It is logical to have it kept from xperia 1, but untill I see a video photo or sony website or review confirming I don't believe 100%­ria-1m2/specifications#features

Nick.B, 17 Apr 2020Notification LED available?Yes, rightsided on top bezel.

Hands on report....
screens 90 hz eqivalent and 120 hz touch response working just as promised.
sound output both by speakers and headphones improved as to Xperia 1.
DSEE Ultimate hi res sound upscale indeed covering anything that streams from web or plays from files.

Notification LED available?

Telephone, 16 Apr 2020What about Dual band GPS makes it worth it. How do you personall... moreIf I pay 1200 eur I need top features. I might not need it and use it, but when 900$ oneplus 8 pro has dual gps, I want 1400$ xperia 1 mark 2 to has it as well. Or it is too much asking for 500 extra ? You got me now ?

Telephone, 16 Apr 2020I've mentioned before about charging rates before under the name... moreVery good explanation, even kid will understand. I don't why trolls can't
I wish other brands will have to choose the charging speed on the phones
In my opinion 18w-30w it's perfect spot, but not faster than that

Telephone, 16 Apr 2020I've mentioned before about charging rates before under the name... moreLol Sony using old school fast charging technology. It's nowhere close to being a pioneer in fast charging tech. Soon they'll adopt the same tech as Chinese brands and give it some fancy name and you guys will accept it as gospel.

Plus batteries used by Chinese manufacturers also have certain added tweaks.
They also give more cycles compared to Sony and also are available in bigger capacity.
So Sony phones might maximum give you 400 charge cycles before degradation kicks in while Xiaomi is giving much superior 600-800 charge cycles with bigger capacity.
So Sony gets charged more times and degrades faster over a period of time compared to Chinese brands.

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Vineet Reddy, 16 Apr 2020I can assure you that the SONY battery will last longer than any... moreNo such evidence to support your claims.
Ppl using OnePlus, Huawei and other brands with above 30-40W charging for more than 2 years now. They did not suffer more battery degradation than others with weak 18W fast charging. Sony is simply behind the curve.

  • Joe75

Vineet Reddy, 13 Apr 2020For all the people who are trying hard to find shortcomings or t... moreon the is a very bad idea to include 100-150 earbuds in the package of xperia 1 ii .
I much rather use my own earbuds and that Sony reduces its price.

Vasra, 16 Apr 2020Why no Dual-Band GPS? Because it is Sony! They are always ... moreAnother blamer

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Nick.B, 16 Apr 2020If s20ultra has dual, xperia 1 II should as well? That's importa... moreIf you read some reviews on capabilities of the xperia 1 for gps, it was quite accurate (within 4 meters in buildings) and almost as accurate as an expensive garmin handheld. As for the xperia 1ii, I cant confirm it has this, but I wouldnt go by gsma specs. Try other reviewers that go more in depth with gps capabilities.

  • AnonD-923639

Anonymous, 16 Apr 2020You can't have everything and a low price. Every company studies... moreId like to add there might be dual band with the x1ii as Samsung phones on gsma dont have dual band gps on specs, but they do in fact have it. Maybe they dont promote the feature and just implement it

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Nick.B, 16 Apr 2020If s20ultra has dual, xperia 1 II should as well? That's importa... moreYou can't have everything and a low price. Every company studies the market and makes its own decisions. Sony can add everything but the price will go up. Samsung S20 can have 4k but the price will go up. Chinese phones can be made with better materials but again the price will go up. Sony has probably decided on the price they estimate people will pay and added specifications acordingly. They have decided on these specifications and a maximum price of 1200€. That is that double GPS was ignored so that 5g modem could be incorporated perhaps

Vasra, 16 Apr 2020Why no Dual-Band GPS? Because it is Sony! They are always ... moreYou have to know that they are years ahead where it really matters. All the new display audio or camera tech was introduced by SONY long ago.