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  • Ehab Mahmoud

This phone is simple yet very well packed it gets what I think the best camera system because the most important thing in a camera is the focus and most phone are far away from it in that term the display is actually promising at 4k oles 120hz but iam actually worried about the brightness and the processor is top notch battery life is expected to be great but I wish it beat the competition and the most surprising thing is the 3.5mm headphone jack well done sony
But here we are again you are hyped by the phone but it is not in the stores yet and by the time it comes in the store it loses its hype
I am an S10 plus user I am happy with my phone and this is actually the phone that I want to upgrade to

i have used many brand phones (Samsung Nokia huawei sony Xiaomi) and my worst experience was with sony phones. They are the most unreliable phones my sister also have a bad experience with sony. me and my sister bought sony midrange Xperia phones in 2018 and in a few months its power key and Volume buttons stopped working same happend to my phone. we sold them in lesss price and decided not to buy any sony phone again. i even saw many sony phones in 2018 on shops with the same issue broken Power key button and volume buttons. now my sister owns Xiaomi redmi note 9 she has been using it for over 1 year and it is working perfectly i am using nokia. i am also planning to move to Poco x3 pro or some other phone.

In my opinion it is and will be the best phone of 2021. as Xperia 1 mark2 was the best in 2020. Its disappointing Sony has pulled out distribution in many countries. They are not definitely targetted for mass audience but amazing devices... starting new era

  • Sornaah Sony

beep bop boop, 16 Apr 2021i found my next phoneYou've found your next phone, now find the money to purchase it upon its release.

  • Anonymous

Miku444, 17 Apr 2021Anyone know if the camera sensors are the same, improved or... moreThe telephoto lens is definitely different as the 1 iii has a sony sensor instead of the cropped 20mp samsung sensor on the 1 ii. I don't think detail was a problem on the 1 ii main sensor. The only problem was people not knowing a thing about photography and trying to use it as you would an iphone or samsung. Relying on computational imaging, in other words getting an unrealistic over sharpened, over saturated (but generally well exposed) mess which is a poor representation of what your eyes are actually seeing. So, ironically, the 1 ii got bad reviews for taking accurate pictures of what the person was seeing at that moment, and presumably wanted to immortalize with a photo.

  • Anonymous

anonymous, 17 Apr 2021What else? What really drives me crazy are those stupid hy... moreThe problem is that the average consumers will not check for the actual zoom level, instead they look at the adverts and believe whatever they say. It's like how Samsung managed to fool people when they released the S20 Ultra, they took a step further by using 10x in their UI when the actual optical zoom is 4x. Same thing now with the S21 & S21+ where they put 3x zoom even though it's all digital zoom

Anyone know if the camera sensors are the same, improved or different? I hope to see more detail resolved with the 1 III.

S21 ultra by gsmarena test looks more promising battery

Anonymous, 17 Apr 2021All I know is Samsung does planned obsolescence very well t... moreSamsung has terrible battery care
Even, my brother in law changed the battery on S10 2 years later and the new battery is more worse than old one
I had s2 and s7 edge and s8+ and I confirm that Samsung has bad batteries

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 17 Apr 2021All I know is Samsung does planned obsolescence very well t... moreand don't forget those piece of crap exynos, samsung always make e-waste

  • not a sony fan

Brave man, 17 Apr 2021I don't know why Selfie and main camera still so weak ... moreFast AF with 3D iToF sensor
The Xperia 1 III features a 12 MP sensor, which offers reading speeds up to 3x faster than smartphone cameras with higher megapixel counts, and a 3D iToF sensor, which instantly calculates the distance between the camera and your subject. The result is fast, accurate autofocus in any scene.


  • anonymous

RGcloudS, 16 Apr 2021Haha right? These guys are helpless Not even free schoolar... moreWhat else?
What really drives me crazy are those stupid hybrid zoom numbers. They even stopped mentioning optical magnification on stage. They just throw you these random 90X or 120X numbers, whatever pleases the audience the most. Nevermind that the quality is potato with such big numbers, because ots not optical. It's just stupid! And I'm tired of pretending it's not!
I could have just cropped my image in photo editor down to one pixel and say that it is 10000X zoom

beep bop boop, 17 Apr 2021GSMArena, you better review this phoneThey will do it don't worry. They are probably waiting for final software.

  • Anonymous

Alpha22, 17 Apr 2021You clearly hate those two brands obviously. I love xiaomi ... moreAll I know is Samsung does planned obsolescence very well that's why they're on top in terms of sale. I've used the S2 all the way to S9+ and Samsung is very smart about batteries, which degrades rapidly after a year, updates that slows the phone to a crawl right before EOL and motherboard that dies after 1.5-2 years

I don't know why Selfie and main camera still so weak 8 and 12 MP is not satisfing costumer
we need it to be 64 or at least 48 mp it's really make me sad about you Sony.

Wild, 17 Apr 2021I can't believe no one mentioned this, but this is the... moreWell, No wonder Sony claims worlds best smartphone design awards each and every year.
This yr 1 II and 5 II picked the crop too.
Sony knows tech design.

  • Wild

I can't believe no one mentioned this, but this is the only flagship in 2021 without a MASSIVE camera hump.

Niko, 15 Apr 2021Where is GSMArena getting the US version having mmwave supp... moreIt's unfortunately not on Sony's official site but it was like this last year. We were able to see the 5G bands from the site (even when surfing in the US) and when the 1 Mark ii was released, they disappeared (considering the US version didn't have 5G).

If it is the same, I can only hope we see mmWave (and hopefully 5G bands 12 and 25 for T-Mobile future-proofing) as the phone gets released.

Asphalt-nation, 16 Apr 2021I hope what happened to the Xperia 1 II's opinions spa... moreIts called astroturfing. A web propagnda machine of last decade or so.

  • Alpha22

Anonymous, 17 Apr 2021This isn't true. Both this and the Mi 11 Ultra along w... moreYou clearly hate those two brands obviously. I love xiaomi and sony but samsung and apple both have high quality of hardware and software components plus the customer support, those are some of the reasons why they have many sales and stay at the top of smartphone industry.