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To put it simply, if Sony wants to kick butt next year, they should do the following to the Mark IV:

1. Snapdragon 898+ (considering how long it takes for Sony to release phones, Samsung is the foundry for the vanilla, and so they don't technically have to compete with Samsung, Oppo, OnePlus, Meizu, and Xiaomi, this would be the best move for their 1 and 5 series)

2. IGZO (if the 1 is about to head into $1,500 territory, they should do this. It gives Sharp plenty of time to make the displays for the 1 and crop for the 5 so that Sony has the most premium panel) OR LTPO (they just need variable refresh rate for God's sake)

3. Bump in battery (minimum, 4,750mAH; just right, 5,000mAH)

4. Complete reception (Europe's n80, n81, n84 and low-mid band mmWave since Europe is adopting it and North American 14 and 30 for 4G; n12, n25, n29, n30, n48, and all 3 mmWaves that are on the iPhones and Pixels to fully cover all the major carriers 100%. Not that reception is bad, but who doesn't want more?)

Notable upgrades that aren't deal breakers but great to have:

1. Move selfie to a small 12MP IMX sensor with 4K@60fps
2. Do a dual lens module for the main camera. 12MP for pictures and 48MP with EIS for dedicated video with ISP to be able to record in 8K@60fps
3. Graphite layers to help cool the device more
4. 18W/10W wireless/reverse wireless charging
5. Upgraded DAC to one akin to the $800 Walkmans (to be able to drive Hi-Fi headphones like what LG used to do)
6. Create a counter Bluetooth codec that beats Qualcomm's AptX Lossless (Sony Audio could even make money off of this by selling this codec to Intel/Apple and Samsung's Exynos divisions)
7. Increase the screen size to 6.7" for an interesting change. If Japan wants a smaller/lighter phone, that's the reason for the Xperia 5's existence.

All this, even for $1,500 with a solid trade-in for the Mark III and bundled with say WH-1000MX5 (if they make one next year), I would get this in a heartbeat. Don't even care. I like my Mark III but it just needs 2-4 for absolute perfection in my book.

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KING DRANZER, 02 Oct 2021Are the Games or Applications Lagging, getting Stuck or Cra... moreNo issues at all really, latest update solved the heating issue and so far all games run at max settings without a hitch

  • Alpha

n0-way, 02 Oct 2021So i had this item and returned. before you buy just read t... more You could have gotten the 1ii..its on par with the S20fe

  • PolTs

Hi to all,

I ran a test with CPU-Z application to verify something and I saw the following

Screen resolution : 1096*2560 pixels
Screen density : 427 dpi.

Does anyone else has the same results?

Thank you for your help and feedback!

Have a great day

n0-way, 02 Oct 2021So i had this item and returned. before you buy just read t... moreAre the Games or Applications Lagging, getting Stuck or Crashing.

So i had this item and returned. before you buy just read this:
pro : great back camera, incredible display! Great form factor and build materials!
contra: sd 888 overheating!
I'm a SE and xperia fan but i won't promote this phone! sadly.
Just keeping my xz2 6gb variant and xz1 compact and bought an sd865 phone [s20fe 5g 8gb! i customize it like an xperia :))]!
it's just way too expensive for what you get! Stay safe and learn to search real product information before you buy!

Xam, 30 Sep 2021well that is the issue, no those options are no where, in t... moreI think you're looking at the Project resolution and FPS. Looking at the clip section underneath that, you'll see the option for FPS. Just do resolution under 4K of the project, and FPS 120 under the clip section. That may be what you're looking for.

  • Xam

Anonymous, 29 Sep 2021it is on the cinema pro... like on xperia 1 iiwell that is the issue, no those options are no where, in that app i can only choose 4k or 2k and all resolutions for them are 24, 25, 30, 60 and 120 (i rounded up to simplify)

  • Anonymous

Xam, 29 Sep 2021the camera - under video gsmarena lists Video - 4K@24/25/3... moreit is on the cinema pro... like on xperia 1 ii

  • Xam

the camera - under video gsmarena lists
Video - 4K@24/25/30/60/120fps HDR, 1080p@30/60/120/240fps; 5-axis gyro-EIS, OIS

but i cant find any way to shoot 1080p at more than 60fps and 2k at 120 fps

xam, 28 Sep 2021Hi this is mostly to ask a question, on the spec-sheet you... moreare you speaking to camera or screen? Screen is 4k and you can set a high refresh rate under display. the 240hz setting is in game enhancer settings

  • stephenized

Anonymous, 28 Sep 2021Megapixels doesn't mean everything, the reason the sel... morethat's the whole point, the selfie camera overall is sub-par whichever way you dice and slice it.

  • xam

this is mostly to ask a question, on the spec-sheet you say sony xperia 1 iii has 1080p 120 & 240fps - how do you activate/use this?

the closest i can find is 2k@120fps in pro app and 720p@120fps in the camera app under basic

please help, thanks in advance

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stephenized, 28 Sep 2021I do like the Xperia 1 iii very much and was contemplating ... moreMegapixels doesn't mean everything, the reason the selfie isn't good is because the sensor is tiny at 1/4 inch

  • stephenized

I do like the Xperia 1 iii very much and was contemplating of buying one. wish they had a better selfie camera tho, 8MP in 2021 just doesn't cut it. maybe they'll bump that up in the 1 iiii.

KING DRANZER, 23 Sep 2021You dint check all the websites. B&H has them In Stock ... moreYeah B&H got them in stock just as they went on a 14-day "no shipping" holiday until September 30. They are also the only retailer that currently has it in stock.

I finally ended up snagging a "open box" one at Best Buy. It was missing the original box, charger & charging wire - but at least I have the phone now. :)

Compared to the Xperia 1 ii I was a bit disappointed with the heat generation; also it is a bit thicker (more antennae, larger chipset, 105mm camera). But all in all a nice upgrade - at least now I get both 5G and T-Mobile/Sprint network switching on Google Fi.

New user, 24 Sep 2021Will this work on Wind Mobile in Canada? and which version ... moreSecond Tiabeanie's comments. Should work just fine.

kevinmcmurtrie, 24 Sep 2021Two weeks after sending in my 1-day old phone that bootloop... moreSeems reasonable. Sorry you go handed a junk phone. When they aren't trash, it's an amazing phone.

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Alpha, 22 Sep 2021Some guy on the IPhone forum said IPhone is the fastest pho... moreTo be fair, I didn't know how much smoother and faster the Xperia 1 III is compared to the competition (S21 Ultra) until I got one in my hands. Probably it being (close to) stock Android helps

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Tiabeanie , 25 Sep 2021Wind is not a mobile provider in canada, this phone will wo... moreTiabeanie, thank you for your reply. Yes, I meant Freedom Mobile (formerly Wind).