Sony Xperia 1 stock running low in Europe, the Purple color seems the most popular

Peter, 27 June 2019

It seems that Sony is struggling to keep the Xperia 1 in stock in Europe. Whether that’s due to high demand or just low supply, we can’t quite tell. We can say this – the Purple color is the hardest to find.

Starting in the UK, Sony Mobile is all sold out. You can find the phone on Amazon (though there are few units left) and over at Clove (only the Black one, Purple is sold out). Very has Purple in stock (but no other colors).

Sony Xperia 1 in Purple Sony Xperia 1 in Black Sony Xperia 1 in Gray Sony Xperia 1 in White
Sony Xperia 1 in Purple, Black, Gray and White

Sony Mobile’s online store for Germany, Italy, France and Spain seems to share the Xperia 1 stock and the Purple color is sold out. Black, Gray and White are available.

In Germany, MediaMarkt has both Purple and Black units, but the shipping time is rather long (9-10 working days).

The phone is available in several stores in Norway, but none of them offer the Purple version. We found only the Black color option in Poland.


Reader comments

It's a bit of a cheat, because Universal swallowed another major music group, EMI. They have a lot of labels, artists, producers and legacy collections in their library compared to Sony.

There are legitimate reasons for that. Just some people don't really want to listen and accept any critics about their favorite brand and product of this brand. People can be salty as well as the products can be shitty. That's it.

Well, nowadays smartphones are fast enough to use several years(exactly flagships) if you are not enjoying games or high-end tasks. I was using Xperia Z3 for 4 years, and switched to IM-100K last year (with SD430+2GB RAM), but still they are enough f...

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