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Says it's USB 3.2 but when plugged into my USB 4 port with a USB 4 cable, it took 2 hours and 20 minutes to copy only 78GB of photos and videos...

That's slower than USB 2.0 speeds.

    This is better than iPhone 15 series

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      • Mindprison
      • Lec
      • 10 Mar 2024

      I've just bought this phone and I'm returning it after a day of use. It has to be one of the biggest disappointments I ever had in a smartphone.

      Pros: The main and the ultra-wide cameras are pretty good, there's a lot of settings and tweaks to play around inside the camera app, sleek and lightweight design,

      Cons: The telephoto camera is quite underwhelming in darker conditions, no real macro mode, the RAW files aren't very useful since they don't include any kind of HDR bracketing like those from Pixel or iPhone do, performance is inconsistent in regards to the refresh rate, the haptic feedback is too loud, robotic and unsophisticated, the automatic screen brightness is overly jumpy on some occasions, overall customization is severely lacking for a modern Android phone (no icon packs, no different icon shapes, no transparency settings for the app drawer), very basic Always On display customization (only a couple of predefined clocks, no option to put any kind of a graphic or a picture on the AOD), the speakers, while quite good sound quality wise are simply too weak and lifeless when compared to even an older phone like the Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro, the Bluetooth audio volume is also lower for some reason when compared to my Mi 10 Pro or the iPhone 14 Pro Max (especially when it comes to the Youtube application where it's unacceptably low, which can also be said for the speaker volume), the phone itself heats up too quickly, sometimes even while doing basic tasks.

      All in all, a very low effort product from Sony, at least in my opinion, especially for its asking price. If your main reason for owning a smartphone is to take photos with it or record videos, than it's certainly a great choice. Otherwise, I advise everyone else to not bother with it at all, no matter how curious you are to find out how things are at the Sony camp in this moment in time.

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        • Alpha
        • 80i
        • 09 Mar 2024

        [deleted post]Yeah ofcourse, because the Nokia 3310 has 2000mp camera, with ultra laser focus, satellite imaging, airplane tracker, vehicle launching systems and much more...

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          • mnF
          • 08 Mar 2024

          So I have had this phone for a few months now and these are my opinions

          - if you are a photographer then this is a great choice with all the options in the camera app
          - I do like how you can modify just about anything on this phone
          - battery life is pretty decent
          - it has some great features for example gaming related modifications and external monitor output
          - imagine quality is quite good
          - the phone does not crash, if something crashes it's one of the apps but the phone itself never crashes or freezes

          - the phone does overheat a little too much
          - the lock screen is a little buggy which I find annoying
          - the average person wouldn't even know how to take a video or good picture on this phone, I also had a little difficulty at first even though I am a graphic designer and photographer
          - and yes the phone is too expensive

          If you are considering buying this phone, keep in mind that it will be a little confusing at first glance.

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            • AnonymOS
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            • 08 Mar 2024

            [deleted post]Yes we know...even when filming in low light it is better, and it is the noise in the films that determines the quality of the CMOS sensor. Only film/video can show true CMOS performance, my friend (beacuse there is no time for CPU/AI tricks). And at this point Xperia 1V is beyond the market.

              LA-2A , 08 Mar 2024How is the dynamic range when shooting in RAW and how is th... moreHard to say I never test RAW on Xperia. Only dynamic range in HDR video. And it is superb (like for phone).

                Anonymous, 07 Mar 2024umm you can write same things in every other flagship forum... morehas better low light video than others and video recording at all and I use it and many many people use it.
                "lgbt 4k120fps"
                Is it hurts that SONY can achive 4K120fpsHDR (temperatures) and your phone cant handle?
                If hurts sorry for you.
                "aqua touch, ir blaster"
                Who use that? Prehistoric people?

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                  • HXd
                  • 08 Mar 2024

                  Anonymous, 07 Mar 2024umm you can write same things in every other flagship forum... moreObviously you simply jump to conclusion without used this phone before! X1V has tonnes of features that leave all other flagship phones in dust

                  1. No any other flagship has AF tracking as good as even 3 generations ago Sony. Shot with pets and running kids you will know every other flagships are piece of crap
                  2. Obviously you haven't used X1 V before. The noise level is head leading with Sony's next generation Exmor-T sensor which is at only reversed for this model
                  3. 4K screen color is as accurate as my Eizo graphic color critical monitor especially in BT2020 mode. None of other flagships have BT2020 color gamut support not even mention color accuracy
                  4. None of the other flagship can natively output Hi-Res via Bluetooth and USB audio output. All of them are subject to the 48KHz Android OS SRC limitation except Xperia. Obviously the software technology of Sony's own Android Walkman DAP has been ported to here
                  5. Unlimited burst shot at 20fps. All other flagship phones can match. For example iPhone 15 Pro and S23/24U will have burst rate toggled just a few seconds after you start exploring their hardware limit
                  5. 4k screen resolution and real world details. All other flagship phone looks burr with limited screen level dynamic range. Side by side compare to professional color critical screen such as Eizo CG, Dell UltraSharp with Premier Color, Asus ProArt etc you will find all smartphones are crap except this Sony!
                  6. The 3.5mm has good driving capability and tonally accurate even for professional audio mixing using pro grade audio monitors such as Sony's own MDR-7506 which is the defacto industry standard for music creation
                  7. Bravia's BFI technology is implemented in smartphone. That's why when viewing video, it look smoother even at 60Hz than other flagship at 100/200Hz compared side by side with all other flagships. Anyone with enough video monitor knowledge must know accurate BFI and video processing algorithms is much more important than paper spec such as raw refreshing rate!

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                    • LA-2A
                    • r6R
                    • 08 Mar 2024

                    How is the dynamic range when shooting in RAW and how is the quality at the distance it zooms? I often shoot birds and never use the auto mode so high quality zoom is important to me. Buying it more as a portable camera than a phone. Currently using S21 Ultra and really disappointed there is no 108mp RAW on that S21 Ultra, it zooms in far but quality is lacking at morning and dusk, when I typically shoot these birds.

                    Literally the only reason I'm looking is for the camera so I don't care about CPU, looks, screen, etc.

                    Before you suggest it, I have a DLSR and I don't use it because its very inconvenient to lug around, especially with longer lenses

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                      • Anonymous
                      • pdw
                      • 07 Mar 2024

                      Alpha, 28 Feb 2024This is not the Samsung page, you should write it there..umm you can write same things in every other flagship forum because they have more features. Almost everything on other flagships are better compared to this sony flagship.

                      Name at least 3-4 features sony has and other doesn't excepct lgbt 4k120fps and gimmicky 4k screen? I'm talking about features most people use not geeks. For example oneplus has highly customizable UI, fast OS updates, aqua touch, ir blaster. What sony has to offer?

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                        • dSV
                        • 06 Mar 2024

                        Great phone, platinum looks excellent.

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                          • Fvc
                          • 05 Mar 2024

                          Anonymous, 03 Mar 2024Can this phone be used without a case, is it slippery??it is very very slippery

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                            • dSV
                            • 03 Mar 2024

                            Bought this is white

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                              • 03 Mar 2024

                              Can this phone be used without a case, is it slippery??

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                                • Madcat
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                                • 03 Mar 2024

                                Rashida, 01 Mar 2024Overpriced phone. Not worth the moneyLiterally every phone in the past few years. Sony phones at launch have bad value for money, but after a few months they become quite decent value.

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                                  • 02 Mar 2024

                                  TheSnowWinterR7, 27 Feb 2024Of course, people (both haters and fans) are fighting on So... moreMe too, I Enjoying Sony xperia models from 2010, They made Solid & strong phones with powerful processors, Camera & Long life battery 🔋 never give up, only educated and knowledgeable people could understand sony big brand, Thanks sony

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                                    • wr4
                                    • 02 Mar 2024

                                    Sony.. why don't you build factory in Indonesia??!!! so I can buy this phone. Please build factory in Indonesia. Pretty please!!

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                                      • 01 Mar 2024

                                      Anonymous, 28 Feb 2024Nice to know mister Samsung/Xiaomi manager XD Xperia 1V ... moreI'm sorry to say this but you are delusional if you think portrait shots are any merit of good mobile phone photography. Maybe you don't have a trained eye or you just like taking photos as a hobby but portrait mode on any phone to date is fake af. Horrible masking with faux lens blur is puke inducing.

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                                        • Rashida
                                        • uRE
                                        • 01 Mar 2024

                                        Overpriced phone. Not worth the money