Sony Xperia 1R (J8220) UA profile points to a 5K display, 5,040 x 2,160px

Peter, 17 July 2019

Sony may be working on a phone with a 5K screen – bearing the model number J8220, it is tentatively named “Xperia 1R”. This could be the “Xperia 2” we’ve been hearing about recently. While its design is mostly unchanged from the Xperia 1, the reports of a smaller 6.1” screen sound even stranger now.

The resolution (seen in a UA profile) is 5,040 x 2,160px. It goes without saying that the aspect ratio is 21:9. For comparison, the 6.5” screen on the Xperia 1 has 1,644 x 3,840px. The new 5K screen will have 70% more pixels!

UA Profile for the Sony J8220 (\
UA Profile for the Sony J8220 ("Xperia 1R") showing a 5K resolution for the screen

The pixel density works out to 899ppi, up from 643ppi. For comparison, the HTC Vive Pro VR headset has screens with 615ppi density and those sit just inches from your eyes. 5K screen on a phone is total overkill especially considering Xperias have overlooked VR for now.

So, we’ll have to see it to believe it. Also, there are a few more models in the works, J8010, J8210 and J8270 (those some of those are likely just regional versions).

Source (in Japanese)


Reader comments

5k? Pfff it's 2019. Go for 8k 5inch screens! With a microscope in the box as well.

  • Patel
  • 30 Aug 2019
  • Hkr

I love sony xperia phone but....... Sony can't launch his phone in indian market because his fear

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