Sony Xperia 5

Sony Xperia 5

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  • fred

Perfect size, I was waiting for that for a long time! It's got all what is needed!

  • Remy

Love it Sony

  • Anonymous

This is NOT compact.

Rdmkr, 05 Sep 2019How on earth is there a market for this ridiculous aspect r... moreToo small? Weren't you people crying for a compact version?

  • Snoop


  • Anonymous

How Sony thinks that a phone without DNG/RAW support is not a TOTAL waste of natural resources is beyond me.

As usual, no DNG/RAW = no buy.

Wow from me

  • Don

Nothing spectacular. At least they was leader in camera department...

This phone is narrower than a 16:9 5" phone, approximately =4.9" 16:9

Only 6GB ram and only 3140 mAh on a 6,1 inch screen and again 4K screen is a complete humbug on a 6 inch phone. Not even the person on radar on new your city airport spot differences between FHD and 4K on a 6 inch screen.
I am not impressed again.

  • Rdmkr

How on earth is there a market for this ridiculous aspect ratio, yet a 2019 phone in time-tested, traditional 16:9 is too much to ask...

Don't buy this. 6.1" in 21:9 is tiny. Similar in area to 5.6" and smaller than 5.5" in terms of UI scaling.

  • Raju

Nice as compact...

  • shazii

finally a love phone from sony hope camera this type is top of the mark

Amazing job!