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Been using the phone since early 2021, I'm not a heaver user or mobile gamer.

- WiFi and call reception has always been fine
- Screen, color is fine even though you'll find higher resolution phones doesn't matter at a certain point.
- Battery is fine for me even though I find myself watching too much YouTube/Twitch it runs it down daily lol
- I don't take photos/videos much, I know people have said the selfie is average but main camera is good and very good if you know how to use Sony Pro apps
- Great speakers
- no NFC quick setting, that sucks
- i don't care much for wireless charging
- led flash light not the brightest but not a big deal
- i like Sony's android skin
- Fingerprint works fine for me but once in a while acts weird
- One small complaint but not exactly Sony's fault is that it's difficult finding perfect screen protector - case combo because of the screen curves but like i said not too much of a big deal

Overall great phone :)

  • Mori

Mori, 22 Jul 2021Slovenian site mimovrste dot com. 799€ and 10% code till 12... moreSorry, from 12.07 - 25.07, you have 3 days left for 10%.

  • Mori

Anonymous, 21 Jul 2021720€?? Where from? Slovenian site mimovrste dot com. 799€ and 10% code till 12.7. Blue and Black.

I'm reading a fair amount about Bluetooth connection problems when connected in the car.
Has this been fixed by Sony or was it overblown online?

  • Anonymous

Mori, 20 Jul 2021Beauty... i just bought this phone for 720€ + gift wf1000xm... more720€?? Where from?

  • Mori

Beauty... i just bought this phone for 720€ + gift wf1000xm3, for a 1year old model i think its too much, mark III is allready coming. Hope it serves me well

Micro Shots Photo Available in this mobile?

  • Anonymous

The advantage of this phone is the fact you can plug the phone in and have the option of turning off the battery from receiving a charge which keeps the phone cooler when playing games. It’s not the best camera, display, or battery but it’s good on everything the device does. I have been more than impressed with this device and with last year’s snapdragon 865 It’s a much better option for myself in uk over any Samsung with the exynos cpu.

Anonymous, 27 Jun 2021I have s21 ultra and I also got the 5ii in prime day from A... moreQuite Very useful... You did mention that the 5ii is from previous generation but somewhere along the line you forgot that.

Even said it's top class of mid-rangers. I should LOL. It's previous generation flagship, should be treated as such.
5iii as 1iii is warming up though, will be interesting.

PS. For those who could miss it, this was a head-on of Samsung's latest, baddest and most powerful flagship of 2021 with Sony's last year's 2nd Best.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 25 Jun 2021I've owned the xperia 5 ii for about a month now and i... moreI have s21 ultra and I also got the 5ii in prime day from Amazon.
I have spent a good 5 hours side by side taking exact same picture with both phones to compare... Although 5ii takes a good pictures specially in a manual Pro app , but it does not have the same details as s21 ultra... It also has more noise in almost all pictures .. this is when you zoom in and transfer both pictures in computer to watch trough monitor. This is understandable as s21 ultra has much bigger sensor.
The only thing I like more about Sony pictures are the very natural colour in the picture... despite Samsung is very close in colour science in pictures but it is not as same as Sony.,I am not even talking about zoom capabilities in s21, I just compared 3 lenses from ultra wide to 3x zoom.
There are other factors which I also prefer Samsung compare Sony apart from picture details and lower noises like close up capabilities. With Samsung you can get very very very close to a subject to get a macro photo but you have to take lot further back with Sony to get a macro shot which may sound a little matter, but it is sometimes useful... For example I wanted to take a picture from my Samsung s21 box detail where it has info about colour and storage and all the details ( not the IMEI ofcourse) to put that picture on site to sell my s21 ultra with some other pictures, I simply couldn't take a focused picture..
No matter how much I tried with zoom lens, normal and ultra wide I could not focuse to that section of the box. So basically macro pictures closer than 4 to 5cm to subject and having focuse forget about it.
In video...I love Samsung much more as you can change to all is your lenses without stopping the video... On Sony you must stop the video to change to your ultra wide or telephoto lens... This is very annoying and no reason in 2021 a company does that... This is not acceptable... So it is not fair to say s21 ultra pictures are same as 5 ii... No there are lots and lots of other differences in camera department which I haven't even begun to mention here but all in all Sony has a respectable camera quality, but not comparable with s21 ultra.

About reception it is too soon to judge, but I have been told a couple of times from other callers that it says it is off when they calling me (where it is not off) and they have tried few times to call until they've succeeded.i also have a feeling it is not good as it must be...

About display...I have no issue with aspect ratio, but I wished the screen was brighter in outdoors, specially in sun(rare in the UK anyway)

About form factor and size in one word, I love it... Whole reason I went for this phone to ditch the s21 ultra(1 month old)I can almost use it with one hand which is refreshing after years having big size phones

Battery life(compare to s s21 ultra) is about same which is fantastic four this size phone and if you leave the Stamina mode On even when it starts from 100% charge it is better than s21 ultra... Sony optimisation is soooooo much better... Only thing I miss is wireless charging as I have wireless charging pads all over my house but no use for me anymore,

Phone feel faster than s21 ultra despite one generation older CPU ,( not old by any means, just comparing to s21)

Sound : speakers are loud, sort of louder than s21 ultra ( maybe because of front firing speakers) but lacking bass . But you also get 3.5mm headphone jack which also very nice for my music listening.

Also SD card support which also better, but I didn't missed this option when using s21 ultra as I went for 256GB and I never managed to fill the storage as I regularly back up my kids videos/photos in my computer.

So verdict : these are somehow 2 different phone and should not be compared as they price are also different...5ii sits in higher end of middle class phone and s21 ultra should be compared with top flagships with other manufacturers... This is another reason you rarely find a video on YouTube comparing s21 ultra with 5ii... They usually compare s21 ultra with 1ii(and soon 1 iii )

Hope this was useful

  • blabla

in 3 months using xperia 5ii first android in 4 years, ive never experienced any issues so far
its different from ios but it looks gorgeous and stands out from iphones and samsungs
battery life is great and absolutly no issues so far

Anonymous, 20 Jun 2021Is this phone still have a problems with the signal reception? it has been pretty random for me.

when I am working in the middle of the CBD (where you would think it should have the best signal), I usually get 1 bar.

when I am at home in a less populated/urban areas, the reception is much better, inside my local supermarker where in the past I get no reception at all, now I am getting 3 bars, really strange.

at least for me, even on 1 bar the call quality seems fine.

PS I am Sydney, Australia, carrier is Vodafone.

  • blabla

in 3 months using xperia 5ii first android in 4 years, ive never experienced any issues so far
its different from ios but it looks gorgeous and stands out from iphones and samsungs
battery life is great and absolutly no issues so far

  • Anonymous

I've owned the xperia 5 ii for about a month now and it's been issue free except for wifi dropping out right out of the box before any updates were aplied but after that it has been rock solid. The camera somehow compares really well to the s21 ultra my brother inlaw has in everything but zoom capability, where the s21 ultras periscope wins by a hilarious margin. the screen its 21:9 aspect ratio, lack of notch or punch hole selfie cam and form factor are perfect for me. The stereo speakers once again surprised me in that they were louder and punchier than the aforementioned S21 ultra, although if held in a vertical position with nothing touching the top back of the phone the is some vibration in the body of the phone which isn't there when holding it horizontally. All in all would recommend 100%.

Anonymous, 20 Jun 2021Is this phone still have a problems with the signal reception? Yes it still has network problems and it is getting worse.

With Android 11 update sometimes network is completely unavailable i emailed Sony and they said there is no work around that but they will fix it with next update.

Very disappointed

  • LexaZ

Worst phone I ever used. A lot of bugs, horrible screen with unnatural colors, ever transfering app doesn't work. 21:9 is also unusable. A lot of apps don't launch because of ratio, a lot of them work in 16:9 or 18:9.
Even cheap Xiaomi and Nokia phones are much more pleasant

Latest tests which I performed after Android 11 and factory reset... As an average user, with 80% of battery my phone endures 24-25h between two charges and 9h SoT.
SD 865 is super fast, everything works like a charm, fluid.
Regarding signal reception or similar problem which some of you asked, I personally didn't have any problem. I use though 4G because in my country there's still no 5G network.
Some of cons which I have are:
-no possibility to schedule AOD as it is possible for Night Light
-no possibility to turn on/off NFC from notification center
-volumes for ring and notification are not separated but set as one, so you can manipulate them only as one, and here I think notification volume should be a little louder

the best phone i ever had ! a true masterpiece ! Thank you SONY !

  • Anonymous

Is this phone still have a problems with the signal reception?

SM25, 18 Apr 2021Location is most of the time off in my case, but I tried wi... moreAuto HDR can be "forced" in the Photo Pro app by selecting P (program mode) going into the settings Menu and selecting the Exposure/Color tab and then DRO/Auto HDR setting. This will allow you to enable Dynamic Range Optimizer or Auto HDR priority (or OFF). You will get noticeable different results. I think the full AUTO mode in the Photo Pro app will use either one depending on the AI.