Sony Xperia 5 II

Sony Xperia 5 II

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  • doga
  • ptT
  • 10 Mar 2022

me too;)

    Just got Android 12 yesterday, working great.

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      • serious question
      • tDP
      • 04 Mar 2022

      Is there video out option from that USB Type-C 3.1?

        5ii eSim Supported?

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          • kieron
          • AV}
          • 24 Feb 2022

          so basically specs that can compete with my Huawei mate 10 pro but 3 years later although i like the sound of and new look of the screen ration...nice phone to consider since my 10 pro is starting to show some issues

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            • Anonymous
            • 7X1
            • 24 Feb 2022

            Urpadus, 27 Jan 2022Hello! In this 2022, is it a good idea to buy this phone?Aslong as you get it brand new & note refurbished yeah! SD865 can still kick ass.

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              • cracked screen
              • tDS
              • 18 Feb 2022

              Urpadus, 27 Jan 2022Hello! In this 2022, is it a good idea to buy this phone?yes if you need compact phone and another features like jack 3.5mm, micro-sd and screen ratio 20:9

                Urpadus, 27 Jan 2022Hello! In this 2022, is it a good idea to buy this phone?Yes the phone is great but you could go for the newer 5III also

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                  • Urpadus
                  • PXm
                  • 27 Jan 2022

                  In this 2022, is it a good idea to buy this phone?

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                    • Anonymous
                    • r9g
                    • 21 Jan 2022

                    Best phone I've ever used! The 120 Hz OLED display is absolutely gorgeous. Deep blacks, accurate colors, and fluid motion. Also nice it includes the 3.5mm headphone jack and an SD card slot, both of which I cannot live without. Dedicated camera button is also super conveneint.

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                      • LexaZ
                      • 6wu
                      • 11 Jan 2022

                      Worst phone I've ever had. Sold after one week.
                      The screen is just horrible, even assuming that almost all OLEDs are not that good, colours are horrible, beige is orange, white is blue/green, etc. Even a small angle makes the situation just horrific. The only good thing is 120Hz.
                      Software is shitty as hell. A lot of bugs everywhere (even in the data transferring app, that can't do its job at all!), a lot of rubbish apps from Sony, many apps just don't start because of 21:9 and poor support from Sony (I mean like 1/3 of all apps), some strange glitches here and there every single moment...
                      Cameras are mediocre, not special at all. Any Google Pixel is better in it.
                      21:9 is not usable in real life too, you just get a really small screen with big (long) phone.

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                        • Pitchwisse
                        • cTN
                        • 10 Jan 2022

                        BTW, if you're having issues with slow charging, I bought a Xiaomi 33W charger and it fixed all the issues without heating up the battery. Significantly improved the usability of the phone.

                          Dido0, 05 Jan 2022Well the seller tell me it was a sample from the store (may... moreIt may have been broken when customer bought it, returned and got a new one. And this was fixed and sold. But for this price, I would have not problem at all :).

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                            • Poor customer xperia
                            • ni5
                            • 07 Jan 2022

                            Phone is good but sadly sony is failing with their software updates. I have loved sony phones before and this has been my fifth Android from sony, because they haven't have so many forced applications. But sadly few updates ago they have broken fqdn, those are not valid anymore in local networks. And they will not even try to fix the issue, so this will be my last sony phone.

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                              • Anonymous
                              • 3Db
                              • 06 Jan 2022

                              Dido0, 05 Jan 2022Well the seller tell me it was a sample from the store (may... moreOk, understood, you are very lucky :D. Thanks for the reply, have a great day.

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                                • Dido0
                                • nU4
                                • 05 Jan 2022

                                Well the seller tell me it was a sample from the store (may be is stolen, who know :D)
                                Also he send me the phone without charge brick, but with 2 years of warranty.

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                                  • Anonymous
                                  • 3Db
                                  • 05 Jan 2022

                                  Dido0, 05 Jan 2022I use this phone Xperia 5ii for almost year and half. In t... moreHow were you able to find it at such a low price? I've been tracking the price of them on Amazon Germany, and they went up 200€ this last week, I thought this was supposed to be a sales season. :)

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                                    • Dido0
                                    • nU4
                                    • 05 Jan 2022

                                    I use this phone Xperia 5ii for almost year and half.
                                    In the beginning i thought the phone have bad connection with network, because in most of the time the network bar wasn't full in the place where i work.
                                    But i was wrong about that, even more my phone have the best connectivity there because i compared it with my coworkers, and my phone was the fastest every time. Even i didn't have a missed call for bad network in comparison with Iphone Xs before that, who has very often notification for bad network in the same place, and lot of missed calls.
                                    Any way, i bought the phone second hand for 450Eur. It wasn't even used, only 1 month after the release date, brand new. I was super lucky, and for that time no problems with this little diamond. 21:9 ratio is perfect for me, SD memory card slot, 1.5mm jack, LED notification, no punch holes, the camera is not perfect, but are very good, the display is very good with nice colors and 120HZ(i didn't use it) and very-very good battery life with about 7-8h on display. What more could I want... Just the best compact smartphone Sony Xperia 5 ii - Masterpiece.

                                      I just switched from 5 to 5 II and first thing I noticed is the Side Sense. What the hell? It was really side sense before, on the edge of the screen (or edge of the glass), I used it and liked very much. Now, it is on the usable part of screen! It overlaps with other apps and especially with Niagara Launcher.
                                      I am disabling sidesense and cripling the usability of xperia :(. I hope there is no other step back in mark II.

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                                        • Pitchwisse
                                        • urb
                                        • 30 Dec 2021

                                        Sammy, 24 Dec 2021Good compact phone until Zenfone 8 come out. There are many areas where the Zenphone lacks in comparison to the Xpera, notably the display. As much as the Asus seems like a better choice, it really isn't. And I also have to agree with the comment below mine - they have refined the camera through software updates and made it beyond any other competitor out there. Sony's camera is awesome at producing realistic photos and handling highlights like a beast.