Sony Xperia 5 II

Sony Xperia 5 II

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  • Anonymous

I wish they reduce the screen size to 5.5-5.7" and make it compact. These big phones are really difficult single hand use & carry.

Now let us hope the front facing camera will be much better this time, because on the 1 Mark II it sucks badly.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 26 Aug 20203300 mAh. Is it a joke?And combine with fast charging tech from 2016.

Hi Sony company am sorry to say this,a mobile phone with 8 GB Ram with snapdragon 865 but with batterrycapacity of 3300mah doest make sence.

  • Jossen

There is no fm radio

  • Yee

SD 865 with 3300mAh .. WTF

21:9 ? Is it phone or remote? 😕

  • Khan

Sony should focus on battery

  • Anonymous

Qi is not listed? If it really ends up not having Qi then I guess it's a pass for me. It would be a shame as it ticks everything I want:

-No notch or hole
-IP protection
-SD expansion (not a must but good to have)
-WiFi 6

  • Anonymous

3300mah battery in 2020? no, i'm not stupid to buy. 21/9 ratio is terrible

  • Anonymous

3300 mAh. Is it a joke?

  • Pitchwisse

I don't honestly believe that a battery this small can sustain a 90Hz panel.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 26 Aug 2020Very small Li-Ion battery... I would have been happier with... moreWeaker CPU than Xperia 5?
Then Cinema Pro becomes useless because there would be no HDR video recording.

  • Anonymous

Very small Li-Ion battery... I would have been happier with snapdragon 768G for Bluetooth 5.2 and a much lower price.

  • Anonymous

If it costs under € 1000, - this is my new phone !
An Xperia 1 II for the people !

  • Anonymous

Sony's hierarchy:

5ii = same spot of Z5, XZ1 and XZ2.
1ii = it is the Premium lineup, just lacks the name.

Socks, 26 Aug 2020And welcome back to another episode of "What did Sony ... moreTheir flagship phone is the 1, the 5 is another, but smaller high-end phone, the 10 is a mid-range. The higher the number the cheapest it is.

Tann Hauser, 26 Aug 2020No ToF? Or no led flash? An extra hw button? It will most probably have an LED flash, did you seen a recent Sony without it? Did you see a new smart phone without an LED flash? I didn't.

3300 battery and 90hz yeah no ty

  • Smallhands

What a beauty!