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  • GB

doga, 29 Nov 2020i have it from black friday and i want to say that Sony mus... moreWhich company had the Sony Xperia 5ii as a Black Friday special?

  • KC

Anonymous, 08 Jan 2021I would count it on Apple users.... I've know many swi... moreIt's a unique phone and I will say mimic like a 12mini size. Like the overall performance and sleek balance design. Especially no notch!

Camera is pretty OK so far and takes decent photo with pop color. Pretty OK means better then many mid range phone but not the level like Huawei Mate40Pro+. No complaint at all. It's very handy in my palm. But if u like to watch movies or YouTube, 1ii maybe your answer to it.

Despite 21:9 6.1" screen size, 4000mAH battery life is very promising. A full charged battery can last u from morning till evening after works.

I put it on with a DevilCase Lite ordered from Taiwan. It looks like a premium phone with protection like a tank. Only complaint that the case took around 10days to reach 😅. Though the case is bulky, but because of the slim width of Xperia 5ii, it still fits well when single handed.

Btw, did I say I purchased the grey color Xperia 5ii online. As Malaysia made only Black, Blue and Pink available. Do not deceived by the image online showing the grey version side frame is grey in color. It is in fact a polished chrome aluminum frame. It looks so premium and luxury when u hold it naked.

Anyhow, 2nd reasons to go for the polished chrome frame is that it can be polished if there is tiny scratches in the long run by using "Mr Brasso".

Remarks: if u coming from big phone screen, this is a compact phone so do not complain

  • Kiro

Anonymous, 28 Dec 2020Pros Fast 5g No notch Headphone jack Easy to hold an... moreI'm thinking of getting this phone since my last ones camera sucked ass so i prob wont be dissapointed, the only thing im kind of concerned is that i play with a 4 finger claw in games and my phone is already pretty small, could u tell me if u have trouble playing with 4 finger claw in games like pubgm and codm? also what are the max settings you can reach, does it overheat? couse if its too small i might get the asus zenfone 7 pro instead.

Thank you in advance

  • Anonymous

YUKI93, 08 Jan 2021Lol please, I see a lot of people are gaining interest in t... moreI would count it on Apple users.... I've know many switch from Android to Apple, some just want to see, some for the brand, some got fed-up with Android. But I know close to none switched back... For some reason, I cannot explain nor can they. I even know one person jumped from Windows Phone 8 to iOS.

As for me, I'm interested in Sony now due to the Xperia 5 II is a balanced all rounder with acceptable price and meh, why not. Samsung - far too expensive on models I have interest, too many compromise with price fair models (and mostly Exynos models from where I stay). OnePlus, getting too expensive for it worth. Asus Zenfone 7 Pro - too bulky and way too expensive at launch compare to it predecessor. Xiaomi/Motorola, poor availability and no longer consider it for it poor/questionable software distribution. Nokia, locked bootloader and getting too expensive for its worth. LG always lack that certain something for me to buy, and well I'll never consider Huawei. There simply isn't anything else and face it, smartphones are getting very boring.

pt020, 08 Jan 20213 month with the phone, Used to the Compact but even that t... moreThank you.

  • pt020

joe nodden, 22 Dec 20201) It doesn't matter if "Sony shows pixel binning... more3 month with the phone, Used to the Compact but even that this phone is 3cm longer it didn't really disturb me, it is slippery so got me a silicon (carbon look) cover .. looks great and sit well in the hand.(€7)
Did not have any problems yet, use it in Stamina mode all the time, In this mode screen is only 60hz. but the phone is so fast that I do not miss/see the difference, I am a light user so on one charge I go easily 5 days.
2 things disappointed me, the camera is by far worst than on XZ1C .. and the Walkman settings is also not as good, it has more power but less quality..

z, 28 Dec 2020Pros: none Cons: sony xperia is a deeaad brandLol please, I see a lot of people are gaining interest in the Xperia nowadays. Even my friends who only use Samsung and Apple are thinking very seriously about buying the new Xperia flagships.

Guys please what's the best phone case - screen protector for this phone? It's difficult to do edge swipes sometimes with the phone case I have. Unfortunately Spigen don't have Tough Armour case for this phone, only rugged armour. Tough armour might have had flatter/angled side which makes edge swiping easier.

  • JJ

Bryce, 27 Dec 2020Pros: - 120 Hz - Equal sounds - Easy to hold in one ha... moreIf your set overheats, there might be a problem with your device. It really doesn't overheat. Yes, it gets warm to the touch when gaming, but that's it

  • Anonymous

tr, 01 Jan 2021how about connections? wifi? 4g 5g? weak? strong? any problems? no problems. Wifi is very good, mobile is ok

  • Jm

Kujtim Zymeri , 02 Jan 2021Liartrue.?? so very disappointed about your previous flagship phone sony xperia xz premium.
i bought coz i like it, but suddenly almost 2 years i used it turning on disposable...the finger print is gone and then after weeks,.the screen turned black expensive..blahhh

  • Kujtim Zymeri

A7sii, 29 Dec 2020It doesn't overheat! Stop lieing!...Liar

  • tr

A7sii, 29 Dec 2020It doesn't overheat! Stop lieing! about connections? wifi? 4g 5g? weak? strong? any problems?

  • A7sii

Bryce, 27 Dec 2020Pros: - 120 Hz - Equal sounds - Easy to hold in one ha... moreIt doesn't overheat! Stop lieing!...

  • AnonF-964910

Bryce, 27 Dec 2020Pros: - 120 Hz - Equal sounds - Easy to hold in one ha... moreDoes the phone only overheat on gameplay?

  • Anonymous

No notch
Headphone jack
Easy to hold and use
Software runs very smooth
3 years of main updates
120hz refresh rate
Battery last well

Camera can be a bit fiddly to take a excellent shot, mainly due to lack of knowledge of controlling.

I swapped my S20 to this and it feels like a big upgrade due to performance of running

  • z


sony xperia is a deeaad brand

  • Bryce


- 120 Hz
- Equal sounds
- Easy to hold in one hand

- All games run perfectly and the one game they advertised the phone with (COD Mobile) constantly crashes and gives me the message: System UI stopped working. Very disappointing.

- Extreme overheating.
-Camera tries to make everything look nice and gives a unnatural look.

Kosova, 23 Dec 2020The phone is great, i had it for 48h But te thing that mad... morei heard about network connectivity issues (not connecting or unstable connection when the signal is weaker, though other phones are working fine, overheating and excessive battery drain when transferring data over the network connection) from other sources too. it seems to me as being related to devices bought from UK. other people here with the same complaint?

  • KC

#SonyXperia has hit the sweet spot around this time with the launch of the Xperia 5ii. Good job and well done.
1st of all, your specs looks good! Stock Android smooth, camera with Alpha α tech.

1. 4000mAH battery with 6.1inch with battery endurance rating of 102hrs. Modern smart phone indicator shall be not lesser than endurance rating of 95hrs! Bravo Sony

2. No notch OLED display! 21:9 Cinematic display with 120hz refresh rate. Awesome!

3. Symmetrical design for Top and Bottom bezel / display!

4. Front facing stereo speakers.

5. All rounder camera for professional and everyday needs.

6. Very handy design / compact at 68mm Width.

7. IP 65/68 rating!

8. Nice color selection : especially grey color. Down to personal taste. At least for me.

1. No wireless charging!!! Anyway, luckily the juice is big enough at 4000mAH for daily usage.

2. Charging speed or wattage is not big with supplied charger at only 18w.

3. Do not bundle with Sony wireless earphones when launching! You may actually lower down the price for easier possession and purchasing of the public. This is poor marketing idea. At least to save your Sony Mobile division.