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After a month with my Xperia 5 III I want to share my experience.

Short: I'm happy with it, and this phone is best for me among any other available options.
After cracking screen of my LG G6 I wanted something to last as long, something light, fitting my small hand, and keep all features I loved about G6 like dual sim, 3.5 jack, no notch. So best fit was Xperia
Xperia 1 III had wireless charging, "4k" screen, but was too big for my hand and too long. Xperia 5 III fitted just right.

Display - perfect during day (Even if i can't notice 120hz), No notch (this is essential), never needed more maximum brightness. During night not so good - minimum auto brightness is too bright, on lowest brightness black color starts oled smearing with purple color (at any setup of refresh rate, but this is common for all oled) And 21:9 is not noticeable comparing to 20:9 samsung or 19.5:9 iphone, no arguing there.

Sound - miss LG quaddac, it was better there for 3.5. Front facing stereo is best for stereo effect, but lacks bass (other phones lack it either)

OS - I really like new gesture controls, Android is almost stock, still not used to it as to LG UI. Really miss LG clip tray (no app had managed to replace that when I had to copy paste multiple fields), and some basic apps like notes and weather widget. I can tolerate Google photos as album app, but it is not great. Started reducing amount of notifications I receive from multiple apps. I can't remap google assistant button even by using special assistant remapping apps, it can select another assistant, but button will only ask turn on google assistant.

Camera: Just don't believe youtube and DXOmark review approaches - x4 crops and colors look better on other phones because of oversharping and artificial color enhancement. You just cant take a photo of sunrise or sunset with iphone - because sun and reflections on water will be white instead of red, you can't photo clothes or decor paintings, because blue will be gray, gray will be white and etc. If you want to remember what you've actually seen use Xperia, if you want to impress someone who will see that on instagram only - still use Xperia! (photos are so much more natural). I really like to take photos of people with telelens x2.9, faces look proportional, and better than iphone x2 portraits. x4.4 is little bit blurry indeed (but i hope for continuous zoom in next generations) Camera does have night mode in auto setting and night keeps to be a night in it, instead of iphone, which can draw blue blue sky at midnight! I'm bad at videos, but still basic mode in my hands had better HDR than reviewers showed.

Misc - I like to have NFC at top, so payments are much easier now. Xperia is really low on accessories, there is only a few cases for it (no mil-810 as LG, which had no case for 4 years), and screen protector better to have rounded edges for gesture controls.

Battery - I'm charging it at 90% top (you can set this in settings), this can do through a day and half for me. But I still charge it overnight. I am not used for fast charge yet.

Hope someone will find this wall of text useful.

Anonymous, 02 Jan 2022Why can't you make a normal phone just like anybody el... more...And narrow. That's what Sony's all about.

  • Anonymous

Why can't you make a normal phone just like anybody else's. Too tall my gods

  • SR

Hi anyone have information about e sim option in this phone? Oppo find x3 pro and Samsung s21 both have esim option


  • GS88

SamBoy, 11 Dec 2021This phone seems amazing! Specs ✔ Design ✔ (Almost) stoc... moreI hope their Xperia IV-line up will have a 5,7" high-end phone.. imagine 148x64mm, as wide as the iPhone mini's and as tall as the Zenfone 8!

  • Lucas N82

avo, 27 Oct 2021So which one you think has a better camera out of the two, ... moreBoth are the same. Strange thing is that 5III doesnt has ToF sensor but AF was a litte faster and precise when I test that (dark room and close distance - 10cm - photo of bottle). If someone want theres full res samples on my yt.

  • Benne

Jreid2k, 13 Nov 2021Love this phone. No problem with mine overheating. It'... moreThe problem of not connecting to wifi initially is common ! You can do is ON and OFF the phone or also reset network only in settings and last if you use a router ON and ON at the same of the phone !

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 07 Dec 2021Huge difference from 2160p too 1440p or 1080p, much sharper... moreWho im the right mind uses 8gb ram as a daily usage? I have s9 with 4gb and i have 2gb free. Stop telling bs.

  • grsunuwar

SamBoy, 11 Dec 2021This phone seems amazing! Specs ✔ Design ✔ (Almost) stoc... moreExactly right, why did sony stop expanding the smartphone market, I am wondering.

  • SamBoy

This phone seems amazing!
Specs ✔
Design ✔
(Almost) stock Android ✔
The Sony Xperia 1 III is also good but the Sony Xperia 5 III is just what I need, sadly it's not available in my region and I don't buy expensive stuff from the internet.

Well I will wait for the Sony Xperia 1/5 IV, I want my next device to have an Armv9 SoC.

  • Alpha

Anonymous, 07 Dec 2021Huge difference from 2160p too 1440p or 1080p, much sharper... moreYou compared Samsung to Sony, Samsung will be slow with 160GB of RAM!! Because One UI is sh**! Sony will be completely fine with half of that! Stop lying your sister doesn't have an Xperia! You're the clown, Android is refined over the years, only Companies put more RAM to show off to Stup** people like you! Ask them to put features that people actually use!

Xperia 5 iii could've been real hit if it was released 7 month ago. Now, only 3 weeks before the end of 2021 this phone still not available in the US and no updates from Sony on the pre order date, which makes me wander if it will ever happen at all. As of now you can buy International or the Asian version and it is a great phone for somebody who wants to spend $1000 - $1400 on the year old phone without 5G support.

  • Anonymous

Alpha, 04 Dec 202112Gb, what are you going to do? Operate a satellite at NASA... moreHuge difference from 2160p too 1440p or 1080p, much sharper even when zoomed in no blurs.
I own the phone , my sister has 1iii and I 5iii, .

It's Android you need more ram for smooth operation.
The Android system takes 4gb ram too run, every app you install eats ram. You're nagging about having more is not right when car owners Ferrari Lamborghini and Porsche still want more power torque.
Why is it bothering you if it's not costing you or you don't have too carry 5kg with you.
What do you even know about how Android operation. Puppets like you are a big Joker.
Then why don't you buy 4gb ram phones ?
My s21ultra has 16gb ram 512gb and I have 100 apps installed and after all those apps running it still shows 4gb ram free with no lags stuttering, try that in any 8gb ram phone, laggggggs and closing apps and reschedule other apps than this and that. Why all this hassle.

  • UsedToLovesony

They still dont support cumulative updates, so when you buy a new Xperia, you have to pass through ALL the updates (12 so far) and it have taken almost the entire weekend (on and off) Why - sony? its 2021

  • Anonymous

ying zue, 04 Dec 2021I owned the z3 compact , z5 compact , x compact and xz2 com... moreSounds like you don't even own the phone

  • Alpha

Anonymous, 25 Nov 2021I've just received mine today 5iii black What an e... more12Gb, what are you going to do? Operate a satellite at NASA? and 4k on a 6 inch screen is completely unecessary.

  • Alpha

ying zue, 04 Dec 2021I owned the z3 compact , z5 compact , x compact and xz2 com... moreNobody bought the IP12 mini last year, just like nobody needs a 5.5 inch phone. 6 is now the minimum mainstream size.

I owned the z3 compact , z5 compact , x compact and xz2 compact ( skipped the xz1 compact ) . I need another new gen Sony compact flagship . I own the 5 iii since October and I am very very disappointed from this huge 68 mm wide phone , I need a 64-65 mm wide phone to use comfortably in one hand ( should have 6" screen ), I dislike my 5 iii because it is LARGE , very weak on screen brightness only 400 nits compared to latest 1000 nits Samsung and Iphone 13 pro , useless 8mp front camera , the processor is still lacking very high speed like the 13 pro , Sony the king of compacts failing again by stopping the compacts as iphone grabbed it with iphone 13 mini compact , lenovo and more joining into compacts , some human being needs compact smartphones in this world we don't want to carry tv , tablet , mega size , or big phones , we need first a phone we dont play games , we don't watch youtube we need a powerfull pocketable phone

I own the xperia 5 iii is not compact , it is a lie

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 25 Nov 2021I've just received mine today 5iii black What an e... moreLol it's a phone not a pc.