Sony Xperia acro S

Sony Xperia acro S

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  • gugu

omnia 7 waterproof :)

  • Gold

Another marketing error from Sony (after the recent no SD card)...People who buy expensive high end phone like this one don't want them made ugly and heavy by waterproofing them. They want them thin and light, and they take good care of them...

  • kri

sony please bring phones with gorilla glass displays ! please !

  • abbas

Its bluetooth version is not 2.1. ,its v:3 according to sony mobile site(whitepaper)

  • AnonD-20276

Wow, this phone is so awesome :-)

  • electrash

I will move from xperia s to acro s.
Its simply awesome :-D

Thx sony

  • hy

Wayy better thn Samsung galaxy s III,:)

  • Karim

I hope the Sony Mobiles are working like before
to avoid the Quality Issues since i am already
experiencing in the Old Products of Sony Ericsson
Xperia Arc S many many quality Issues, looks like
they will start to compromise their well known
reputated Quality.

  • Anonymous

16gb internal memory with sd card. This is better than Xperia S! This will be my next phone!

  • Anonymous

dump ion...the wait is over...longer wait for acro S!

  • AnonD-5041

So long Sony Mobile Xperia ION! Xperia Acro S, come to papa!

  • Walo

When will Sony bring out a 4G/LTE phone???

  • Anonymous

Yes this is the definitely the phone I will be looking to buy.

  • XperiaActivePH

I am so gonna be good this Christmas.! this is going to be my next phone! >:)

  • Vic

Looks good, but why so thick (11.9 mm)..?

  • AnonD-8561

Very good phone… Superb design :)

  • Joy

Everything is right about this mobile Except for Gingerbread 2.3 !!!! Dammit why would you release a mobile with 2.3 when you already have ICS ready ??????

  • AnonD-56883

This is goona be my nest phone looks great

Congratulation Sony at making this phone! It's waterproof, and it has a good battery life as well. You will have success with this model!

  • Wimpiedb

The acro s is coming with ics out of the box