Sony Xperia acro S

Sony Xperia acro S

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  • sam

Waiting for this.... thanks sony....

  • AnonD-46703

i want to buy this phone. when it will come to pakistan?????
nice features and cooooooollllll body........

  • kotleta

If Gsma not wrong- this model will have sd card slot on board. Thats good.

  • Anonymous


  • peter

this phone came from space.that's for sure.i've been hankering for this for so long.and now that it's at hand,i'd definitely buy this.unrivalled xmor r tech,water/shatterproof and superb sound,that's all i've ever wanted on a phone.oh so yummmmy!!!!!

  • SE fanboi

will definitely buy this when i get i job :3

  • Joesoef

Love Sony... This phone looks great.

  • greg

that s the way how from beginning should xperia s look like :)

  • samsung_lover

love this phone :D

  • arc

almost the same specs as xperia s, a bit better battery. and no, it won't be cheap, or, it will be as cheap as xperia s is ;)

  • AnonD-42603

so cool! water resist with very good specs!

  • Anonymous

bravo sony, keep it up. superb range of models. you have found your way and your classic lovely single logo shine in the middle. this acro s will be my next choice

  • AnonD-49722

it is really good, hope will be a cheap one

  • Anonymous

I think that sony is ruining everything this awesome phone has by not putting ICS in it !!!

  • AnonD-40500

this is very interesting phone no one equals it from the specs make me happy when see it.

  • Rett

Good phone, but its the same thing over and over again.. no major improvements compared to the xperia S

# 1st :D