Sony Xperia acro S

Sony Xperia acro S

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  • Anonymous

I can't find the Fm radio on my Sony, help me please.

  • Anonymous

my snoy acro s is hanging sometimes very slow in opnning apps how can i make it fast

  • Dion

Oh no! Why do I root this phone. Now my phone us very laggy.

  • AnonD-501618

banty, 10 Jun 2015i am updated to jelly sim card is not moreoh! , look at the baseband version. when it got unknown you'll not be to solve it on your own self..... :( i got this problem too, when i update it the sim card is not accepted n still looking 4 answer.

  • Cahathu92

My phone is malfunctioning. Can somebody tell a way to reset it.

  • pablo

Sony acros s is the best because of it autonomy,solidness and adaptation to new os version wid out problem

  • HussaiN

running BPaul's custom lollipop rom buttery smooth, you should use fstrim apps to make it run without laggs. still good for using social apps like whatsapp or facebook and etc. not a heavy champion any more.
The only bad thing about it like other said is battery, worse than my old htc desire, you have to charge everyday heck even every 12 hours, with some basic texting and calling.
sony did their worst creating a phone , Thanks for nothing Sony :D

  • Sonyuser

zorbaz, 08 Nov 2015My acro S makes 3 years this november, with 0 problems. It was d... moreThis is very accurate.

  • Corney

I have my Sony Xperia Acro S for almost 3 years now. Sometimes is freeze or rage but never been a big problem. I think the battey are great! And if you turn on Power Saver then it almost don't use battery. My biggest concern is the memory on the phone. You can only have like 10 apps/games, 20 songs downloaded from Google Play and around 500 photos and videos. But I will recommend to buy a memory card! Over all the phone is great, the size is Perfect and it is a good working phone.

  • zorbaz

My acro S makes 3 years this november, with 0 problems. It was dropped, bathed in wine and sea / mountain rivers. After 3 years the battery goes from 14 % to 0 very fast. And the original screen foil has some bubbles in it. 2015 apps run a little slow, but i think i will use it 1 year more. Nothing to choose from theese days (waterproof).

  • AnonD-462929

karna, 16 Sep 2015these mobile dual or single simnot a dual sim one

  • AnonD-462929

I got this phone and probably this will be my last sony phone, No updates for new OS versions, Overheating when you use data connection ( Luckily I'm not a gamer), After you use few months it slowing down, sometime it's unable to even slide the button to answer a incoming call.

  • karna

these mobile dual or single sim

  • AnonD-434696

to be honest...loves this phone. The audio kill me and also the camera on 12MP is awsome, but....the battery was the problem, its very overheated if I use for seeing longtime ~2mnts.

  • banty

i am updated to jelly sim card is not supported...please help me....

  • Srdjan

Is there some Sony pen which would work on Acro S? BTW phone is great except battery

  • rosheth.nira

hi guyzzz.......i think that the camera is an awesome feature in this phone..........but sometimes battery issues as well as the over heating issues troubles me a lot........

  • Andy

Is Sony logo attached to the Shatter proof coating or glass???
sorry for my bad english...

  • AnonD-225316

where can i buy this in india??????

  • Anonymous

Soooo loading. When im deleting my messages, or photo it always takes time.