Sony Xperia C4

Sony Xperia C4

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  • Anonymous

Oh this fone is not good..touch pad auto operates itself..

  • AnonD-520406

hahahaaaa...really i am shocked... i don't know why some users come here and send bad massages about this device!!!!! i have bought 6 xperia c4 dual for my family and-my friends... all devices are good working with no problem...

  • never buy sony

worst phone i ever held in my hand. Touch problem is so much irritating that I threw the phone on the ground and broke its' screen. Touch problem is so worse that you can't even unlock the phone. I started using this phone as hot-spot but after sometime I was unable to activate the mobile data ans wifi hot-spot. My last sony product.

  • Naveen

touch problem...irritating

  • Abby

Mine has manufacturers issue after 6 months of use. It stops and auto operates itself. Done resetting the default and changing SD card , even free memory space but no fix. This phne sucks.

  • san

C4 is always top of any other phones because it's Sony and Sony is worldwide known for its technology and performance it's better than piece of crap iPhone and Samsung no body can beat Sony performance and style I am using x4 since 5 months now I'm going to buy Z5 best phone in the world don't go for those fake rumors and rewies they are Sony competitor because I read many reviews before buying my cellphone but I bought coz i know Sony is best I'm from software background

  • AnonD-520406

xperia c4 is really good phone.i have no problem with my c4. you can not find better phone in this price range. fullhd big 5.5 inch display, 2gb ram, octa core 1.7gh cpu,light weight,good design,and great xperia c4 and enjoy.

  • dipankar

sony c4....Bad mobiles..malfunction...
i am lost my wa8 can i do ?
pls help sony

  • Anonymous

xperia c4 has touch problem when upgrade 5.1 lollipop to marshmallow 6.0 the touch problem still occur. i think that xperia c4 have manufacture defect so that the SONY must take action about the problem or SONY must replace other mobile xperia. We can't wait until the time xperia c4 owners have big problems in your mobile.

  • Vithal

Very bad phone. It take 5 hours for full charging. And also battery is very hot. Worst phone in Sony series.

  • Jhunjhun

It's sad but true. Sony Xperia C4 is a setback to the company. As it is, Sony is losing on sale and this is such a shock for Sony fans. The touch pad started misbehaving within 2 months of purchase. Inspite of two visits to the service centres they did not agree to replace it. How can a company not accept a major defect and replace the cell? On the contrary the staff is rude and can convince you that it's not a major issue. 21000/ is not a joke when a well known company cheats a customer. I strongly feel Sony should pull back these from the market and replace the buyers with new sets of different model.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-562953, 04 Sep 2016Buy Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro (snapdragon version ), It's amazing!!!Low end brands... 1st year throw aways!
Ever wonder why they have such high Sales every year???

  • Rob

marshmallow update released for Xperia c4 & c4 dual..

  • koti

how to upgrade to marshlaw

  • Geee

saumya, 11 Aug 2016same d hell..touch is nt wrknn ...c4 d worst one ! sony shud cal... moreSame issues here!

  • Neymar

Xperia c4 owner, 09 Sep 2016Please tag @sonyxperia @SonyXperiaIndia and @sony_india about C4... moreSo right man.. Just got my c4 back from repair and i hope touch problem wont occur anymore

  • babylyn hernandez

hi guys need your help which is better samsung note 2 gtn7105 or saony xperia c4

  • Xperia c4 owner

Please tag @sonyxperia @SonyXperiaIndia and @sony_india about C4's manufacturing defect. They are repairing the touch problem for the devices in warranty knowing well that it'll occur soon again amd this time we'll be out of warranty and out of luck. They should do the responsible thing and replace our devices and provide us a different model or give us our money back. They won't do a thing unless media covers this issue. Tag tech websites and android news outlets too if you can and make this issue known

  • ilias

I bought one, and it works excellent! i love this phone

  • AnonD-548202

AnonD-562953, 04 Sep 2016Buy Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro (snapdragon version ), It's amazing!!!I saw that too.Price is good too.Buying it at the end of this month :)