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Sony Xperia C4

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  • softtouch

so far so good when I update my sony c4 to 5.1 , i think it depends on how you update it there many things to consider to have errors and problems after updating the unit.

  • NebThe

since 5.1 update touchscreen problems, dont update to 5.1 remain on 5.0, using custom room fixed problem

  • AnonD-574485

Anonymous, 15 Jan 2016The worst phone I ever bought. Phone freezes also shuts down dur... moreDo you still have this problem with people not hearing you?

  • AnonD-574485

About one in four calls, I can hear the caller but the caller can't hear me. Problem persists until the phone is rebooted. (Fortunately it reboots fast.)

Hands free randomly turns off during call, usually when screen sleeps.

Answering machine app freezes the device from viewing or making calls and texts for 2-5 minutes after taking a message.

Other than that, it's OK. I don't dare update the software in case it makes it worse instead of better.

  • don't go for sony

this phone is piece of crap. switch offs automatically and will not start till you connect it to the charger. severe touch problem. Touch at some point of display and it gets automatically pressed on other parts of screen. evan can't unlock the phone. 1 cm of display at lower side is unresponsive to touch. Don't buy sony phones.

  • Anonymous

When will we get the android 6.0 marshmellow update for the C4

  • br

B N Gupta, 25 Jul 2016pls dont waste your money by perches xperia C4. it is a very v... morebed tuch & scencer c4 phone .

  • Anonymous

saumya, 11 Aug 2016same d hell..touch is nt wrknn ...c4 d worst one ! sony shud cal... moreSame hr.. Wthin 4 months already I have changed its screen and after receiving my handset again I face the same problem.. Can't understand whether they have did anything in my phone or not in name of service

  • Rikmae28

Overheating sometimes and fast drain battery..performance is still good im using it for 7 mos

  • James

I bought a Sony Experia C4 and used it for one month after which I started having problems with the camera. Whenever I tried opening the camera application it couldn't. Instead it showed that the camera or flashlight was in use by another application (which was not the case). I honesty though sony products are genuine and quality but I was proved wrong by that awful experience. I ran at a loss by this phone.

  • Steve

AnonD-560974, 16 Jul 2016Worst phone ever i had use. Its come with touch screen problem a... moreI absolutely agree. Sony also promised about updating this device to Android 6 and skip Android 5.1 but now it is in Android 5.1 and it seems that they do not update for this device anymore. They do not tell anything about touching issue. They ignore consumers. Do not buy any Sony products. I also understand why my friends and people in my country stop buying Android Sony phones. They made it very bad with over prices but warranty is very worst.

  • Rob

If there is any touch problem, thats because a software bug, I have also faced to touch problem, so after that I put my phone to safe mood,still I didn't got any touch issues.. Try it guys!update with android marshmallow bugs fixed.. Still not yet released, This phone is good device, I can satisfied with c4..

  • dhenz

sony xperia c4, one of the worst phone ive ever had, same problem with the others, overheating, touch screen dont work, fast draining battery. what the heck. . . im so disappointed with this. . .

  • jm

gps useless.

  • pola

Nick, 05 Aug 2016Do anybody face this problem,all of a sudden Sony C4 is getting ... moreYeah.... It gets heated and also runs fast out of battery

  • Intiaz

tejas, 12 Jul 2016hey guys those who are facing touch problem in xperia c4 just su... moreHow much u have to paid for exchanged with it?

  • saumya

same d hell..touch is nt wrknn ...c4 d worst one ! sony shud call back ol d c4 cell phones n do make it bttr..or give a relpacement...!!

  • Bhim

Zeeshan Khan , 08 Aug 2016In the beginning this phone was working excellent,,,, but exactl... moreSir I have also this problem my Sony c4 screen touch does not working

  • Shan

Can i get the service center branch details where some of them got replacement of C4 with Xperia Z5 Dual....I have changed the Touch panel 3 times in an year...

  • Ash

Mine fell in water and I could not turn it off - power button stopped working. Battery is non-removable. Now the phone is damaged and cannot be repaired!