Sony Xperia C5 Ultra Dual

Sony Xperia C5 Ultra Dual

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  • Anonymous

AnonD-492748, 31 Jan 2016hi buddys is this smart phone contains dual front firing sp... moreOnly one speaker for this phone which is the bottom one.. The top is speaker when calling if I'm not mistaken

  • Dr.M

AnonD-492748, 31 Jan 2016hi buddys is this smart phone contains dual front firing sp... moreMe also same thing bro. I don't know if this is a problem or not!!

  • AnonD-492748

hi buddys is this smart phone contains dual front firing speakers ???????? but in my c5 ultra dual only downside speaker is working while i am using media pls tell me frnds one speaker r 2 if two y my top speaker is not working pls tell me friends

  • ashvin

call problem-- it takes time or lags to call someone
is it normal??
suggest fast caller/dialer app.

  • Bob c;

SACHIN, 30 Jan 2016Hi...guys plz tell me about the new update of Sony Xperia C... moreWell I didn't have any problems while updating my phone. When you do start using it after the update is complete, it might get a bit laggy for a couple of minutes. But aside from that, everything else is fine.


Hi...guys plz tell me about the new update of Sony Xperia C5 ultra dual android 5.1?
Is there any problem after getting upgrade you device?
Also tell me main difference from earlier version?
Thanks alot in Advance.

  • shisir

AnonD-437282, 30 Jan 2016Are u sure your device is the genuine one? coz i'm facing t... morehow could I understand the difference between a copy and a genuine c5 ultra dual .please help me.

  • TAM

dear fiends i'm using xperia c5 ultra sometimes my mobile has not connected wifi password saved but not connected authentication problem please guide me how to solve the issue

  • John Sacdalan II

chandru, 29 Jan 2016is c5 otg support ?pls anyone rplyYes. C5 supports OTG.

  • John Sacdalan II

harsh, 24 Jan 2016i upated my phone software by my own wifi its updated bt i... moreYou can update your C5 from Android 5.0 to 5.1 via PC, not by OTA. Install PC Companion that comes with C5. From there, update can be done. I did it with my C5, long process though. Hope that helps.

  • AJ

In the c5 white colour their is black line around the display,i mean at the edge of display ...does it can be removed by the setting or not..please tell me,i want 2 buy the white colour but the black line luk poor on it..please..pls.pls.

  • AnonD-437282

SPECTRE, 15 Jan 2016This phone honestly sucks! It gets so hot in minutes of usa... moreAre u sure your device is the genuine one? coz i'm facing the same probelms with another smartphone brand and it turns out that it was not a genuine...

  • Samhar

chandru, 29 Jan 2016is c5 otg support ?pls anyone rplyYes

  • Anonymous

Yes it is OTG supportable... I think, its d best buy deal u r thinking about...

  • Abhi

Mark, 17 Jan 2016Been using c5 ultra for about 3months. This is phone is gre... more1.When set to STAMINA MODE, no battery issues but when I set it to ultra stamina mode, battery drains faster than usual.
2. pics and videos sent to folder lock app starts appearing again in album.
3. camera takes quite some time to start.

Rest everything is ok.

  • chandru

AnonD-489613, 17 Jan 2016I am thinking to take sony c5 is it good ...or not Its ba... moreDon't buy j7 or A8...both r hanging

  • chandru

is c5 otg support ?pls anyone rply

  • Anonymous

raj, 27 Jan 2016How do I update it. From wifi???? To 5.1.1 lolipop............ moreConnect the cable to ur laptop or desktop and connect to the Internet...the update will come up automatically...I didn't know there was an update until I wanted to transfer pics for my phone 3days ago and updated to android 5.1 and have noticed that the phone charges faster than before and the battery is better than before (fustrating)....

  • Sol

AnonD-492748, 27 Jan 2016how is the perfoemance and battery of c5 ultra when it is ... moreOk. I noticed that the phone now charges faster than it was when I bought it about 3 months ago. It's doesn't take long again. And I also noticed that the camera lunches a bit faster than before. And the battery doesn't really drain aS much as before. I uninstalled the avg cleaner which I installed 2day's ago in other to help conserve battery but only to notice that it'd constantly running at the background. So after u installing it the battery is ok. And charging is better now. I hated this phone before but after upgrading to android 5.1 it's better than it was. Atleast I can charge pretty much fast and quicker even wile using it. From Malaysia :)

  • Anonymous

hi everyone, my question is simple, c5 or m5? somebody pls gv me ur opinion