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Sony Xperia go

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  • AnonD-576809

Good phone i have since 2012 and up to now (2016) is working fine, just some minor issues with the earphone cover and charger but manageable.

  • Levo

I really loved this phone. The camera is very good (very good for 5mp). I changed it for a new one because when JB arrived, it was too much for a 1300 mah battery and is comprehensible.

  • anynomous

why is this phone still running on os gingerbread, my own never updated and all the apps are outdated

  • Anonymous

It's good if you want a cheap phone for easy use. After some time of using the phone, it will lag a lot and games will crash very often. It doesn't have a secondary camera which bothers me, not a very good phone but it serves it's purpose

  • jackie

Why sony xperia go keeps dropping the wifi connection.?very hard to connect,

  • Exit

Its a great phone but the battery is non-removable

  • Anonymous

xperia-go-user, 22 Oct 2015i am still on android 2.3.7 i do not want to upgrade. how... moreInstall pc companion in your computer, full charge your mobile phone a then update the software.
you can get pc companion here:

  • AnonD-477777

its a great phone fo sho but the problem is on how to upgrade it am struggling with it

  • Anonymous

Great phone!!!

  • laxmanchary

im unable to read telugu language in wattsapp message when iget telugu message im getting square boxes

  • xperia-go-user

i am still on android 2.3.7 i do not want to upgrade.
how can i safely root my phone?
what specific app and version should i use?

  • lovelo

Very bad smartphone from Sony . More slow if possible acter JB update. Do notre buy a Sony smartphone . Junk phone.

  • don

Anonymous, 22 Oct 2014Very good phone , JB 4.1.2 :D , I Love it !!!Great phone my best ever! But I rep touchpad and now it just won't respond what so ever pls help!

  • AnonD-377054

This is good phone if it has secondary cam

  • Anonymous Administer

nice phone if it has 3G cam

  • Anonymous

great little phone it serves me well

  • shats

worst phone of mah life..... dont dare to buy it.... jst hate it

  • Anonymous

Undefined, 24 Jun 2015Thumbs down for this phone... I have for 6 months and it wa... moreyou buy a second hand

  • Darrel Lariosa

A great phone for underwater adventures or tours.

  • Anonymous

I really love this phone, great phone for underwater shots :)