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Thumbs down for this phone... I have for 6 months and it was already about 7 times at a serviser.... It is so small, it does not have front camera..... For this money I could buy a new, better phone that is bigger, it has front camera and it has lower radiation that this...... my sony xperia go has went about 4 times just because his battery died- it has 37% and than it turns of and writes "battery 0%" it has about 4 new batteries that costs a much... about 3 times it was by a serviser because he was blocking and I am so sad because of this because I needed to erase all my contats, photos, games, apps....... now if I have only 1 app, it is blocking again..... I do not recomended it because it is terrible....... for this money you can buy samsung galaxy grand neo plus as I did and it is much better than this craph.......

  • jabon

zul, 29 Apr 2015how to update android to 4.1.2(jelly bean)install aoxp rom, kitkat. much better than JB

  • Anonymous

zul, 29 Apr 2015how to update android to 4.1.2(jelly bean)install sony pc companion on ur pc and click update phone to latest version thats all""""

  • selby

Tiena, 02 Jan 2015I need to upgrade and was thinking to get the Sony Xperia go, bu... moreu can buy it if u want to.but u will regret havi prblm,its slow,sound not good.ive got experia go.its shit

  • zul

how to update android to 4.1.2(jelly bean)

  • cccc

haw take 3g call

  • bry

its very slow

  • Dukes

Does this phone have a Voice Recorder? I am struggling to record, pls help

  • Anonymous

I am gonna replace it after 2 years, It was great at first, its IP67 is perfect specially at dusty environments, I droped it alot, but its getting tooo slow, response to call is very slow, camera not good compared with other 5MP cameras, cannot with stand a lot applications due to low RAM

  • arik

I ever had a sony xperia go,, but after 2 years i used.. the screen on the coner is not responding, why that's gonna be happen ??

  • harsh

waterproof is almost fine , no problem if dropped into water . once dropped into floor the touch sensitivity reduces gradually from both sides . cannot be used with local or other brand chargers it affects touch sensitivity . speed worth its price , average camera ,
actually i dropped it once and the touch was almost gone in a month then the phone was replaced by sony , dropped it again but was so late to claim warranty .
used for almost an year

  • Worst Phone

This is the worst phone I've ever had. It's so slow. It takes forever to load, the software sucks. PLEASE DON'T BUY. Even a blackberry loads faster. If I was being murdered the calling screen takes 30 seconds to load and by then I'd be dead.

  • bae :)

dryland, 09 Mar 2015I just want to know, how do u transfer pics, videos n music frm ... moreYou can only transfer it via the computer unfortuneility.

  • bae :)

The Sony Xperia go is a very good phone I have had it for 6 months and I've dropped it a few times and the screen doesn't cracked yet bu the only problem I had was that the one side of the screen stopped working for no apparent reason.

  • dryland

flory, 01 Feb 2015i use sony xperia go since 2nd year highschool im now a 4th year... moreI just want to know, how do u transfer pics, videos n music frm internal memory to memory card. I have this foun fr 3months now

  • Lon

I won't let go it..over two years now..being fell about hundreds but still amazing..although it's sometimes annoying because low of RAM..but even leaves me a lot of beautiful memories.. :')

  • Anonymous

Been using my Xperia go for over 2 years and it's still providing me with great service. Abit slow now

  • flory

i use sony xperia go since 2nd year highschool im now a 4th year student and still using the same phone. i love it .it seems like it's the best phone for me. it fell many times until the screen was cracked by a stone when it fell .the touch screen is not functioning so i changed the screen and work as new and now i got the same problem but it didnt fell this time.

the phone and its features is really great but now i regret buying this.

  • AnonD-244086

Better samsung galaxy xcover s5690

  • rerisone

Hey i have this phone for over 2 years, but i wanna downgrade it to GB(now JB), anyone here can give me the full step of downgrading it?