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  • QbikPL

Andy John, 27 May 2021Brilliant phone at 9 years old, I’m on ice cream sandwhich ... moreYou Can Update to Android 4.1.2 via FlashTool on PC Easy, the version of FlashTool working for upgrading Xperia J is version, just search in Google, its easy to flash I did it first time yesterday and it works great!

  • Andy John

Brilliant phone at 9 years old, I’m on ice cream sandwhich 4.0.4 and when I check for new software updates it’s not showing Jelly Bean 4.1.2

  • randon

I've used this phone in the past, great device especially the music app. But it has the tendency of heating up to the level you won't dare to stick it on your cheek during phone call

  • Sassy

Anonymous, 03 Oct 2018I bought this phone back in 2012 to be my backup phone and ... moreWell. Im not shock.. Its old phone dude.. What do you expect?

  • AnonD-819322

Anonymous, 03 Oct 2018I bought this phone back in 2012 to be my backup phone and ... more6 to 12 months is reasonable considering the phone is nearing 7 years old.

  • AnonD-819322

Looking for a cheap Android with these exact specs: 1GHz Single-Core/Dual-Core processor with 512MB RAM. The reason is that I have tried both iOS and Windows Phone with a 1GHz processor and 512MB RAM (iPhone 4 and Lumia 520) and I have never tried Android with the same specs as these 2 phones. The Xperia J is a good option I think, any suggestions?

  • RuskiPutuski

I had this phone since 2012 until 2013, I did not recommend it, it gave me a lot of problems. 4 months of use and it started to be really slowly.

  • RMR

Good memories shared to me by this phone. I bought (2) pc of this and gave one to my GF. Sony Xperia J is the best! Thank you Sony.

  • Anonymous

I bought this phone back in 2012 to be my backup phone and it worked well..... as long as you don't install anything.

1. Phone is just too slow
2. The screen, started to act up 3 months in. It started to become unresponsive to touch in one part of the screen
3. The screen unresponsiveness became a very big issue after a few more days. almost the entire screen could not recognize touch/clicks
4. I contacted SONY support - what they told me will shock you!
5. They told me that if I bring the phone to the SONY service center, it will take 6-12 months to repair due to lack of parts needed to fix the phone
6. I ended up throwing the phone in the garbage in just 3 months.

This phone is basically a garbage SONY tried to sell for money. Because you know, SONY!

AnonD-722488, 14 Dec 2017I've been using this phone for 2 year(2013-2015) and I'm sa... moreLet me guess..... the only you could run was pong.

My J couldn´t even run any other app. Worst phone i´ve ever owned.

  • Anonymous

Absolutely terrible phone. Was the first smartphone I owned. I can't remember a single positve thing about this phone - actually, the battery was ok, but since the phone isn't capable of running literally any app without lagging, that's only an upside if you only use your phone as a phone.

AnonD-722488, 14 Dec 2017I've been using this phone for 2 year(2013-2015) and I'm sa... moreIDK how you like this phone. I had it and it barely worked.

  • AnonD-722488

I've been using this phone for 2 year(2013-2015) and I'm satisfied with it

the display is great...bold color and's bright...the ram is slow.. only runs 512gb ram at that time but I'm don't find any problems with it aside that I cant runs game pretty well on it (I don't really play game on mobiles that much though)...

aside from taking picture or multitasking, this phone is great when i use it to watch movies and listening to songs...since it only support 2g/3g i cant get my connection speed above 10mbps but wifi connection is great...

Bluetooth is great too, i can get it connected to my i mac and transferring files between these 2 machine is easy.. on the other hand the internal storage is small, so small that i kinda get annoyed and had to install micro sd card on it...

what striking me the most about this phone is the design. which is unique to me cuz i never seen any other company had create this kind of design...

i hope that they upgrade the phones though...make the display 5 inch(Bezel-less if possible), bigger ram, quad core chips, better camera mp, bigger storage, bigger battery, USB-C for charging.. keep the design though and NEVER ever remove the headphones jack :)

  • AnonD-705969

For all those who hate this phone can you read its name J (as in DJ) every xperia has its codename or for what purpouse was made .

  • AnonD-679948

This was my dream phone when I was a kid. I never took it since I couldn't afford it. I loved it and I still love it.

  • Anonymous

mine uses wi-fi alone how d i change this coz i want to use bandles

  • .

nelly, 26 Oct 2014Been using the phone for almost a year now and there is abs... moreit's bad

  • Anonymous

Twins Atha , 29 Jul 2017This smartphone has unique design and it would be nice to u... moreAgree with you..And it is a lot better than today "NEW"phones and looks good.

  • fcb

If you need to learn a selfcontrol then i say YES this is phone for you.After using it you will learn to be patience. I think I said all.

  • Twins Atha

using the same phone, 09 Oct 2016from 2013 - stop and ban all programs - facebook (i have ... moreIf the app is not supported on the smartphone, lagging a lot, or you don't have enough space get on Facebook webpage by your browser with "request for desktop " option... For further tips about low device performance, you can watch Thanos Atha YouTube !!!