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  • mEA
  • 24 Sep 2017

Twins Atha , 29 Jul 2017This smartphone has unique design and it would be nice to u... moreAgree with you..And it is a lot better than today "NEW"phones and looks good.

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    • fcb
    • 3qB
    • 21 Aug 2017

    If you need to learn a selfcontrol then i say YES this is phone for you.After using it you will learn to be patience. I think I said all.

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      • Twins Atha
      • 3A4
      • 29 Jul 2017

      using the same phone, 09 Oct 2016from 2013 - stop and ban all programs - facebook (i have ... moreIf the app is not supported on the smartphone, lagging a lot, or you don't have enough space get on Facebook webpage by your browser with "request for desktop " option... For further tips about low device performance, you can watch Thanos Atha YouTube !!!

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        • Twins Atha
        • 3A4
        • 29 Jul 2017

        This smartphone has unique design and it would be nice to upgrade to a new 2017 model (with all necessary characteristics).....!

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          • DILIP
          • vbR
          • 18 Jul 2017

          application to download data of SONY XPERIA J mobile to computer

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            • Ron aldi 14,7
            • arQ
            • 18 Jun 2017

            I do not know what is worse - branded phone or android spy-system itself :(
            In hospital/airline mode You can not look at SMS/MMS counter, radio FM(?) also could not work in that mode... FAIL. Only Chrome as browser "option" preinstalled...

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              • AnonD-516530
              • r0i
              • 15 May 2017

              FP, 29 Mar 2017Not happy with phone, had it a few months and it has major ... moreI gues thts a one off defect...I hd tht the st26i sinc 2013 I stopped using it early ths yr after buyin a new phn tho I stl av th J wt me..I runs smooth,no software issues, no cracks, Bluetooth works perfectly n connects to any device, I connect it to iMac n no prblm..jst chck ur sharing settings n set to *ALLOW* otherwise its a nice phn th only flop is th internal memory...very small

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                • FP
                • Yhk
                • 29 Mar 2017

                Not happy with phone, had it a few months and it has major software issues. Doesn't connect to any other computer when trying to transfer pictures, doesn't connect or recognize Bluetooth devices, and when I put on Data, my phone service is unavailable, so I get no texts or phone calls!! Piece of crap, had a better Sony phone before, this model sux.

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                  • Jc
                  • tZ0
                  • 04 Jan 2017

                  I like the shape design very much, however the storage n memory make this phone retired

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                    • PreJuser
                    • Hka
                    • 29 Dec 2016

                    Guys, i read a article saying there is a Android 7.0 custom rom for xperia J. Maybe u guys can try to flash the rom and sharing ur experience with me? Appreciate!

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                      • AnonD-619807
                      • HB3
                      • 12 Dec 2016

                      worst sony ever!!!! the previus model xperia mini is faster than Sony J, its slow lagging all the time,even viber crashes,i regret every second i choose this phone

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                        • azid
                        • KZ8
                        • 27 Nov 2016

                        ram 512 is very low cannot install game

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                          • woshiri_16
                          • vV5
                          • 15 Nov 2016

                          the musics feels good with any earphone and long lasting battery (8 hours and above) but..
                          this is worst phone ever. very slow, lag untill you feel want to throw 'em to wall.
                          even overclocked to 1.3ghz but still like crap.
                          dont buy this phone unless for music and contacting purpose only!!
                          (whatsapp and wechat lags sometimes)

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                            • user
                            • U@k
                            • 15 Oct 2016

                            using xperia j since 2013 really tough body , sound quality remains unaffected same as new , memory problem is there , battery status remains unchanged , buy it for long use

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                              • using the same phone
                              • 0EV
                              • 09 Oct 2016

                              -, 07 Oct 2016I've been using this phone since 2013. I've dropped it ... morefrom 2013 -
                              stop and ban all programs - facebook (i have downloaded fcb lite), google play, maps, and every one program, which is using of your ram memory, i only use the phone for talks, reading books, fcb and browsing in internet. It works 2 days with one charge. BUT i`m stopped almost the all programs "favorite contacts, twiter" and etc. Because it use RAM memory.
                              I want to change the phone, cuz wanna new, and sometimes it`s slow - don`t open keyboard, and just want new, but dont know witch one to choose.

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                                • tug
                                • 07 Oct 2016

                                I've been using this phone since 2013. I've dropped it a thousand times but it's still useful , thats a point. But i have some probs with the memory

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                                  • Cole R
                                  • q{c
                                  • 27 Aug 2016

                                  Survived being dropped, hit by objects like post and beams inside pocket (at work), got wet, froze in the work freezer room, and still holds 2 days charge (new was 3)

                                  Surving 4 years was $90 well spent.

                                  only sold the experia to purchase newer faster lg k4.

                                  Doubtfull a i phone would widthstand that much abuse.

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                                    • Cole
                                    • q{c
                                    • 27 Aug 2016

                                    rr, 11 Mar 2016My problem is very small phone memory , not that I have tri... moreDelete apps, sell your old phone. purchase new one that supports app storage on micro sd.

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                                      • Anon
                                      • nGZ
                                      • 29 Jul 2016

                                      Dont buy, it is utter crap. Really slow and awful storage(roughly 1gb). It crashes when sometimes only 1 app is open and sometimes restarts randomly. Avoid at all costs. Save your money and buy something better than this.

                                        • x
                                        • xADSAx
                                        • w6A
                                        • 21 Jul 2016

                                        Xperia j support OTG or not?