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  • obama shoot whitecop
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  • 10 Jul 2016

Anonymous, 27 May 2016please how to make external memory default instal rom + use inverted SDCARD function

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    • Anonymous
    • 0xb
    • 06 Jun 2016

    Anonymous, 27 May 2016please how to make external memory default Forget it. The SD port is not functional.

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      • Anonymous
      • Hkt
      • 29 May 2016

      Gud phone. briliant display quality... bt RAM is vry lss compard to d price f d phne.

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        • Anonymous
        • fuI
        • 27 May 2016

        please how to make external memory default

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          • Bolt
          • uwT
          • 22 May 2016

          Hang Hanger Hangest

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            • BaconFlipper
            • A1a
            • 14 May 2016

            This phone is absolutely amazing and looks beautiful I really love it , My Xperia J went through hell and it`s still holding strong! I can`t count the times i`ve accidently dropped it and never broke , it`s a very tough phone , also the battery lasts for quite a long time and recharges very quickly! It`s 2016 and mine still works perfectly fine and im only looking for a new phone because i can`t get android 5.0 on this , it`s getting outdated. One downside to this phone is the little memory space and i never could store apps on my sd card for some reason...
            Nevertheless it was a great phone and a great experience overall :D

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              • Anonymous
              • ij2
              • 14 May 2016

              how to root Sony xperia j..somebody plz helpp

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                • 3qE
                • 07 Apr 2016

                Anonymous, 23 Oct 2015Fast phone and all... Using it since 2012 But when you in... moreJust root it, i was a lot happier with it after root!

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                  • Anonymous
                  • bEL
                  • 05 Apr 2016

                  sir i have sony experia st 26i model where is service centre

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                    • Anonymous
                    • v0q
                    • 31 Mar 2016

                    I owe a lot to this phone, its slowness lead me to take an interest in Android Development, Rooting and other customizations

                    Now a proud owner of the Z3 Compact, I never forget my humble beginnings

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                      • AnonD-519170
                      • p8J
                      • 26 Mar 2016

                      rr, 11 Mar 2016My problem is very small phone memory , not that I have tri... moreThere are many apps on Google play like App2SD that can help you.

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                        • rr
                        • v$J
                        • 11 Mar 2016

                        My problem is very small phone memory , not that I have tried 2gb -16gb sd card but it's not use only for photo and music not for app.
                        Is anyone here knows how to transfer the app from phone to sd? I'm so frustrated of trying to update my fb apps but just say no memory. And I have 16gb ad card already.
                        What should I do?

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                          • fieka
                          • 9JE
                          • 29 Feb 2016

                          How do I update my software

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                            • AnonD-494358
                            • QZY
                            • 28 Jan 2016

                            How do I block calls/phone numbers?

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                              • mare
                              • xG6
                              • 17 Jan 2016

                              i have had my phone for one year now and i can not get my contacts to stay in my phone, everytime i put them in ,its says no contacts, i would like for someone to let know why they won't stay in. my e-mail add, i would appreciate it if someone would contact me, very frustrated, also no phone number to call anyone at Sony, thank you very much

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                                • ovledo
                                • sph
                                • 07 Jan 2016

                                justin, 22 Dec 2015this is the worst phone i have ever used. it's a fail model... moreset focus mode infinity ..thats it

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                                  • dadzai
                                  • sX7
                                  • 04 Jan 2016

                                  Had the phone for 2 years but it is now very short of internal memory and I've hardly added any apps. Disappointing. No use for gaming. It was good value at the time and has stood up to being dropped several times. I wouldn't have a new one.

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • uuq
                                    • 24 Dec 2015

                                    Anonymous, 12 Dec 2015A great phone if you have the guts to root,remove everythin... morecan you guide me through the root process for xperia j

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                                      • justin
                                      • u14
                                      • 22 Dec 2015

                                      this is the worst phone i have ever used. it's a fail model from sony. let me tell the problems i encountered.
                                      1. the phones have autofocus problem. it goes on blurring frequently while recording videos. even while taking still images, the camera goes blurr n we have to wait until it fix the issue.
                                      2. some times when we remove head set from phone while listening to some multimedia, it won't automatically switches to loud speaker. similarly sometimes it's speaker does not work while attending a call n we have to use either headset or use loudspeaker to respond to the caller
                                      3.phones motherboard died and repaired from priority center. and after few use it again got complaint.
                                      i throw away this stupid phone away and now feeling happy.

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                                        • Anonymous
                                        • PTG
                                        • 12 Dec 2015

                                        A great phone if you have the guts to root,remove everything unnecessary app from the phone.Have done it and im grateful now.No lag,quite a good battery but you just neeed to do some rooting and removing.If not,best of luck on using it