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  • AnonD-428319
  • 84e
  • 07 Dec 2015

bb04, It's rather strange that most people had and have good experience with the phone except you. I suggest you buy a gamer phone ...

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    • Nicky
    • 9Fd
    • 27 Nov 2015

    I have has this phone since a week after launch, still a perfect choice, love it

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      • AnonD-469888
      • 3H2
      • 24 Nov 2015

      It's funny how this phone is over three years old now, yet the iPhone 6s has a smaller battery than this xD

        • M
        • Mukil
        • uuU
        • 14 Nov 2015

        Just a standard Android phone. But it's 2015 better not buy this phone . Go for something else which is worth

          • D
          • Dhanu
          • w43
          • 14 Nov 2015

          i was used this mobile 2 years it was very sensitive and good mobile i was satisfied.

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            • soundar stillen
            • rKn
            • 03 Nov 2015

            Awesome display and design. it is useful for viewing photos video in hd.but for gamers not perfect...

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              • bb04
              • IWP
              • 27 Oct 2015

              One of the worst phones ever. when want to play game,it enters BUT later it hangs and go back to homescreen an i'm like wat the... Phone always lags all the time(not even once it doesn't lag). internal mem and Ram is too low. Also when want to install certain apps,they will always say insufficient storage and other rubbish saying check ur intern storage and I'm like "are u serious" I've cleared some stupid apps n it says no space.And FYI(For yr info), this phn the kyboard always vanishes halfway when up type smthing THIS IS ONE OF THE FRUSTRATING PROBLEMS I HAD WITH DIS PHONE.

                • ?
                • Anonymous
                • 3bu
                • 23 Oct 2015

                Fast phone and all... Using it since 2012
                But when you install some apps the memory error appears.. Also facebook is built in and uses quite a bit of memory

                  • k
                  • kalyan
                  • vGn
                  • 05 Oct 2015

                  i have been using it for the 2 years. the touch is good but u cannot download more apps if it is done, it will be very slow in nature.

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                    • tefa
                    • BX2
                    • 29 Sep 2015

                    In my opnion the worst thing in this mobile its memory

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                      • Anonymous
                      • Hkt
                      • 22 Sep 2015

                      please upgrade this phone Sony Xperia J within this month.

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                        • AnonD-417570
                        • fk2
                        • 16 Sep 2015

                        This is worst phone i have ever use, low Ram, not enough phone space to install apps, it's a very slow phone.

                          • P
                          • Prashant
                          • rKT
                          • 15 Sep 2015

                          I like the phone but I don't like this ram....

                            • f
                            • faizy
                            • ITV
                            • 05 Sep 2015

                            it has too short memory storage as you cant install important apps. except 2 or 3. and after these apps has installed their updates causes slowness to the phone u feelto much difficulty in your currently running plz dont buy this phone

                              • s
                              • spyros
                              • HB4
                              • 04 Sep 2015

                              DO NOT BUY!!!! Extremely bugy, after 1 to 2 months the lag became unbearable even though i was using extremly carefully as i was worned there were problems.

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                                • Don iyalla
                                • Nug
                                • 28 Aug 2015

                                Anonymous, 12 May 2015i am using this for last 3 yrs.its a terrible one.No one sh... moreu re complaining d fone is bad, yet u used it for 3yrs. funny u....

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                                  • sjnnifer
                                  • pp4
                                  • 16 Aug 2015

                                  DONT BUY THIS PHONE. This phone was great when you first get it, works well. after a couple of months you constantly have to be updating apps that take up a lot of space and you cant delete. Then if you don't update, the phone will slow down so much it won't work when you try to work it then because it wont work you might press a button and BOOM! the phone is frozen and then it'll restart. Unless you have amazing MB, the phone will be worth nothing. The only good thing about this phone is this dont break easily.

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                                    • McKenz
                                    • t7X
                                    • 11 Aug 2015

                                    Low memory can't download more apps.

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                                      • DSD
                                      • KA4
                                      • 11 Aug 2015

                                      Its "WAS" a great phone with sleek curve design and scratch free back cover.
                                      I never complain about its slow speed.
                                      if you buy a phone with approx 380 MB RAM and complain about its speed
                                      what make such sense lol

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                                        • Sony xperia j
                                        • dZ%
                                        • 02 Aug 2015