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Sony Xperia J

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  • vicky

my xperia j was hanged when iam using app,games,etc...whay i dnt know...

  • Aatif malik

Its camera quality is bad

  • azeee

my always restart and my work stuff at lll
and my phone touch was very poor

  • AnonD-267583

AnonD-212180, 25 May 2014My xperia j camera is blurry and every time I taking picture the... moreTake the plastic off of the camera.

  • Sanidu

AnonD-212180, 25 May 2014My xperia j camera is blurry and every time I taking picture the... moreGood but some times 4n stack

  • AnonD-212180

My xperia j camera is blurry and every time I taking picture the colour of pictures is turning to blue, what should I do?
I didn't remove the plastic cover behind camera yet.

  • saja

Showing some multiple colors as can't see images or videos properly.....kind of blurry when not watching video or any n still it shows multiple colors in way that makes me think screen is need your help...

  • Puneeth

black color is good

  • ZOV

Hello, I was surprised when i saw the camera quality from my cousin which is having the same phone.
It was much more better than mine. My camera quality is very poor, can somebody suggest any solution for this,any restart, update, any settings?

  • shaon

does these phn support video call?

  • julietta

JOMOCA, 16 May 2014SIM Card (error) NO used Micro/SIM.... Used Standard/SIMmy sony xperia its not working on Digicel simcard. need a help plz..

  • ragu

hi friends I have an problem in battery sensor battery % s not decreasing it always shows 100% .........what can I do frnds pls tel Something frnds????????

  • AnonD-264474

hello friend.i need help.why i my xperia J get stuck at SONY when i want to turn on occurred after i upgrade android using pc companion.


SIM Card (error)
NO used Micro/SIM.... Used Standard/SIM

  • mohamed

camera not ready all time and have big problem in storage

  • AnonD-212180

Hi friends please help me, I purchase this phone for about 1 month ago, I had a problem in camera, why my camera is so blurry and dark? When first time I buy it doesn't like that, what should I do?

  • jco_30

xperia j has a good screen but hangs a is not up to the mark

  • Anonymous

Lost all my contacts help

  • Tony

This phone is much more suitable for people who may not use it heavily, as the RAM is around 512 mb. As a heavy user, i have started to find problems with the phone in the space of 3 months, it began to be very unresponsive and lagged a lot.

I would recommend another device if you're a heavy user (play alot of games, store large amounts of music or use a lot of large apps).

Not a bad device has a great battery life, but i dont thinks its meant for heavy users.

  • Hasan

Anonymous, 03 May 2014i own one... and plz plz plz.. dont waste ur money on this.... v... moreIt is Bad, slow . Do not open Temple run 2 & subway surface. Sometimes it is hang.