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Sony Xperia M5

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  • sugar

arju, 24 Mar 2016Maximum people said that the sony m5 phone is just a bad phone ... moredont buy M5, or M series rather. Z series are much better ..

  • Anonymous

arju, 24 Mar 2016Maximum people said that the sony m5 phone is just a bad phone ... moreYes M5 is failure.
Buy Z3 or Z5.

  • awi11

arju, 24 Mar 2016Maximum people said that the sony m5 phone is just a bad phone ... moreIf you must own a sony phone, just wait for the Experia X

  • Anonymous

My trust in sony is gone my m5 shuts down on its own i dnt know how many times a day my advice don't punish yourself by buying this phone because sony is not even willing to own up to the poor product it has provided and compensate buyers

  • Wim

Anonymous, 28 Feb 2016Dont buy sony xperia m5...its a useless fon...i bot mine in janu... moreSamsung is not what it was. No service if defect.
I ll never buy a samsung again!

  • arju

Maximum people said that the sony m5 phone is just a bad phone shutdown without any measge ..besside many said its display cindition is not good ..infact there are many complain about this phone i wanted to buy this ,,what can i do now..can i bye this phone??is it good phone???

  • AnonD-518261

Worse phone out. Do not buy problems. In the three months I had this phone it was in for repairs twice. Wi-Fi just stop. working. Restart phone and you get a blue screen until battery is drained.

  • Anonymous

I hav no problems with my sony mobile best phone with good configuration
And regarding mobile getting hot very often
It happens with most of the mobiles
So that not an issue for me
Sony is my dream mobile
And i love it

  • Vishal

Friends I have plabs to buy this but many have quoted the problem of overheating and auto shutdown. Is it fixed now after upgraded to 5.1.1? Or the problem still continues??
Please do reply n help me take a decision.

  • Dk

Hey guys! Ive found a solution for random/auto shutdown problem for bullshitting m5

Ive been trying to solve the matter 3months so far as non technician, had to test few things.

It happens in certain mobile carrier in certain area.

In Australia, With telstra is fine, but with optus and vodafone was the problem when signal goes bad. And the optus and vodafone were in the same network frequency for 3g wcdma 900mhz.
For that 900mhz, even with other phones it gets overheat with bad signal i thought the frequency band is in congestion.

So i decided to turn it off the reception of the 900frequency and it turned out as working.

Ok guys here ya go the solution

Open the Dialpad
Engineermode> in the telephony tap, band mode> tick off wcdma 900 mhz> press set button.

Some said its battery problem but i dont believe them. I read the xda forum and it was irrelevant information.

Again, dont forget not to buy SONY product. Obviously they havent tested phone and did let you buy.

I will be turned back from sony forever from now. Good bye dirty doggy sony!


  • Anonymous

Pathetic phone..battery problem.. Display problem.... Gets switch off very often.... Please don't waste money in buying this phone... Better buy Samsung...

  • AnonD-292864

Anti Samsung, 14 Mar 2016Hi there, where did you buy your M5? I'am planning to buy one fo... more4th batch Xperia M5 is available where i live and it still has auto shutdown problem. Don't waste your money with this phone. I bought Galaxy A5 (2016) and i am happy with it.

  • coyackz

Why m5 always heating when I use data connection?
Please answer my problem!!!!

  • Anonymous

AnonD-506418, 23 Feb 2016Xperia M5 review: Using this phone since 3 months. Pros Nice ... moreIs there any problem with earphone? I listening music with earphone but one of my earphone no sounds, I tried another earphone but it is still same. Should I send for repair again as my Sony M5 repaired before because of automatically shut down and cannot turn on after need to plug in the charger.

  • AnonD-515051

Not done.........:-(

  • Rikka

I just bought xperia M dual yesterday in sony outlet. Its sux!!! Batery drain very fast even i on the stamina and lower the brightness. Since im leaving the country on the 30, i just told myself never mind just use it. But today when i charged it , it stop in 92%. Somemore i bought it ytd and i already charged two times, i also need to wait for 4 hrs before the CB phone full charged.

Anyway i bring it back to the store and they will contact me after few days. I told them i better change it to xperia z5 dual and i dont mind adding money. They said ya they will let me know if can. Sad! This is my first time to purchased xperia phone and it stress me!

Dont get M5!!! Takenote the one i bought is 2nd batch already, tot only 1st batches give problems. Tsk!!!

  • AnonD-515051

basic feature in mobile which is easily available in any other android phone like Samsung, Lenovo, Micromax, etc so request you to all please don't waste your 35,000 for this pathetic device. sony claim water proof feature in this device but this is totally wrong. there is not any water proof feature as sony claim. pllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllz don't waste your valuable money for this device.:-(

  • kdfg

My M5 was suffering from overheating and auto shutdown.. got a replacement.. but cant use mobile data now.. though WiFi works just fine

  • AnonD-515512

I bought a parallel imported Xperia M5 in New Zealand in December. It was probably one of the first batch. At that time Sony NZ did not import them so I had to parallel import it.

Needless to say it auto shutdown all the time. It drove me crazy.

After testing it exhaustively I wrote a report and took it back to the importer, Digi Parallel Imported. They in turn sent it to their repairers Omnitech. Instead of doing the usual and spending weeks examining it, Omnitech had heard of this issue, realised I was right and sent it straight to Sony NZ.


One week after Sony getting it I have my M5 back with a new, apparently generation3 battery and no problems thus far. Well done Omnitech for being pro-active

I know Sony say they will not honour the warranty on parallel imported devices, even though this is perfectly legal in NZ. It would, however, be nice if they would just admit there was an issue in the first place.

  • Anonymous

This phone is horrible on battery life. I've heard rumors that the company supplying the batteries cut corners and that it's an with the battery, not the phone. I'm not buying another battery to find out.

Did I mention the battery life is horrible? Lucky if it lasts more than 6 hours with about an hour of browsing and 30 minutes of phone calls.