Sony Xperia M5 Dual

Sony Xperia M5 Dual

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  • Beamer

Anonymous, 07 Mar 2016Which is better between M5 and Z3? Please help me!Sony m5 has better features but it suffers from getting hot and auto shutdown problems

  • Anonymous

L.A., 02 Mar 2016I bought mine last year by the month of December(2015). I experi... moreThe update to 5.1 fixed my M5 dual problems (heating and battery life). Also try using wdcma/gsm network setting for stable connection.

  • Ryan brunei

I buy this because of the camera that very good so far I have
. But battery
Fast get heat


Bought de Sony Xepria M5 in nov`15, facing de same problem of auto shutdown. It always showing in screen as sim card inserted restarting.
Guys help me to resolve de problem

  • senthil

m5 frequent hangup,over heat, shutdown

  • Rithu

if OS Changed from Marshmallow to 5.1 lollipop

  • Anonymous

Which is better between M5 and Z3? Please help me!

  • Shri

I wann buy sony experia M5 ?any suggestions

  • Cambodia

my M5 start to have problem with system UI is shaking the UI when scrolling, Please fix it for me.

  • Vijay Dhankhar

Hello guys, I bought my Xperia M5 Dual on 16th November, but till data I have never faced any problem with my mobile. It's battery life is very good and camera quality is excellent. I am fully satisfied by my mobile.

  • L.A.

I bought mine last year by the month of December(2015). I experienced auto-shutdown problem after 3 days of using it. That's the time I searched for problems/bugs about the phone. I didn't bother going to SC because of what I already read. What I did is, follow the instructions given by the users. By using GSM only. Its irritating that I can't use fast connection via LTE. When the update was released.. until now, I didn't download the update. I am scared that it may cause more problems. What were the specific fixes of the update? Any reports about the main issue of the phone? or maybe I'll wait till the Marshmallow update releases. Hopefully this year also. I'm from Philippines.

  • Anonymous

3 nity, 15 Feb 2016Me to. :) No problems until today since month ago. I think I'm l... morenah, mines 2.0 too, but I got that over heating problem and auto shutdown. :( from Ph.

  • Naveen

guys I planned to buy Sony Xperia m5
so please suggest me that it's a better phone or not....???

  • Dalip

Bought this phone 27th September 2015. Was really happy with it's specs however withing 10 days the phone got dead. On 14th October, I got a replacement phone after making a complaint but again after couple of months the phone started giving the mentioned problems:
1. Microphone does not work when it's on speaker mode.
2. Stop reading the SD card
3. Hangs
4. Heating problems
5. The major problem that I started facing with this phone is auto switch off. It get's switched off on it's own and you cannot switch it no unless the charger is plugged in even if the battery is more that 80% charged.

The phone is sitting with the service center and they are claiming to resolve the issue soon.

  • gie

PetraPoolnoodle, 24 Feb 2016I got my M5 a week ago. The battery is fine and I haven't had an... moreif the wifi name is same with other wifi for example PLDTWIFI then you always need to restart or enter password manually...

  • Nayon

I want to buy a sony xperia M5 dual. What will you guys say??
Answer me, please!!

  • @roman

this is terrible.. its been 2weeks after the replacement of my sony M5.. same problem occurs (auto shutdown).. could Sony solve this problem? what if warranty expires, what will happen now? if ever this will be my second time to request for the replacement..

ujju, 26 Feb 2016I have read many reviews about m5 dual but before buy this pho... moreJust buy Xperia Z2/Z3. No gyroscope sensor for this expensive phone. I can't play Virtual Reality game on this phone. Huh!

  • ujju

I have read many reviews about m5 dual
but before buy this phone i just wanna to know that can i play heavy games like NFS RIVALS
NFS MOST WANTED 2015,2012 etc.

  • Rex

PetraPoolnoodle, 24 Feb 2016I got my M5 a week ago. The battery is fine and I haven't had an... moreI have exactly the same problem. Won't connect automatically to my WiFi network. I have to connect manually everytime I walk out of the door and comeback. The phone's network setting is connect automatically, but it won't.
Battery life sucks too. Operation is also very slow for an octacore phone.
Not satisfied at all.