Sony Xperia neo L

Sony Xperia neo L

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  • john rose

it was very dead slow proccessing

  • Anonymous

I have purchased it one year ago.It was a stupid mistake.The overall performance of the phone has been miserably poor. The touch panel of the phone failed twice during the warranty period. The performance 5 MP camera is disappointing.It takes pretty long time to load contacts. The 300 MB user memory is quite insufficient. The ear phone frequently fails.Now I feel that my money is lost.Please don't go for this product if you expect value for your money.

T Sukumaran

  • Anonymous

The original rom ICS with timescape UI is terriblely slow, low internal memory .If you use this phone and feel like hell with it, just unlock bootloader and install unoffficial Jeally Bean rom (Cyanogen Mod 10), it work smooth like charm. By the way, you all so need to expand the internal memory for more comfortable use. Just use INT2EXT+ script to mount sdcard as internal memory.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 16 Oct 2013I don't have play store in my xperia neo l...... I download... moreSony Xperia neo L is a mess. Mine is 2 months old and its unbelievably slow, am not even the apps kind of user.
I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. Total waste of money.

  • R .k

Mind blowing phone

  • AnonD-204186

great phone

  • rich

it is a good device been using it for almost a year now and so far no problems the phone does not lag the battery life is ok good enough for a day and overall a great device i recomended anyone to get it

  • Anonymous

pls dnt buy sony neo l its worst mobile it always hang,camera will get always repair....pls viewers dnt choose this mobile

  • Anonymous

I rooted my neo l and phone performance has improved. and. no lag in hd games.. ...

  • Anonymous

Mike, 02 Nov 2013I have a problem rooting my sony xperia neo l. It never res... moreupdate from update service....... restore previous one

  • ASDF

s x n l, 01 Nov 2013My Sony xp neo l is white .can I make it black?color it

  • AnonD-78995

never go for sony smartphone..
my xperia neo l touch dead 1 year +2 months..
i purchased the mob 18500 they asking to repair the touch screen 4000 inr..
so my total invest 22500...waste no use,,...
i trapped!!!!....friends dont move with sony... danger ahead...........

  • Mike

I have a problem rooting my sony xperia neo l. It never restarts after rooted and can't use it anymore. Please help me.

  • s x n l

My Sony xp neo l is white .can I make it black?

  • s x n l

My Sony xp neo l is white .can I make it black?

  • honest

looser_coz_of_sony, 30 Oct 2013ihave sony xperia neo l guys i've read all ur complaints.i... moreHi i have also faceing the problem u can find the solution please tell me at

  • Koshi

Anonymous, 13 Oct 2013This phone is really boring!! It can't read my SD card when... moreHey Dear I think it have Virus case. pls check it. b'coz I have this phone same problem.that time I used avast virus guard. Neo l not working with avast.after I change Virus Guard to AVG. Now ok this Problem.pls try avg guard and scan your phone.Bye.

  • looser_coz_of_sony

ihave sony xperia neo l
guys i've read all ur complaints.igot to tell u that i have all such problems u mentioned.i got the touch problem,since i hv the warranty it is replaced.Still am facing the software problm.. too slow.
and am confused about routing nobody encourage me to do so,got a chance of death.......
will routing help me or not .....?

  • AnonD-201337

When Sony want to release Jelly Bean for this phone............

  • AnonD-156600

AnonD-193301, 05 Oct 2013hello..jerome.. i want 2 ask u about ur custom room... wha... moreI'm using a Cyanogen Mod 10 for Neo L + Xperia 2013 Patch which all can be found at XDA Developers. All you need to do is search for the things you need to do. First root your device. Unlock your bootloader. Flash custom kernel. Install custom rom. It's really simple if you just know how to follow instructions exactly.