Sony Xperia neo L

Sony Xperia neo L

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  • AnonD-26727

I am so happy seeing this stunning smartphone! Sony is the best ever!!!

  • b

i don't understand idea of this phone. bigger xperia neo v. means xperia arc (s) in new case. what is that for? another attempt to cloning own phones? bad idea.

  • saurabh

I am the great fan of sony product. This must be the first sony mobile on Android 4.0

  • AnonD-14666

shud hav been much lighter then d previus series atleast 100g... n hope its more slim..... & for 4 inch screen was expecting 8mp camera.... :-( which is d drawback! otherwise its perfect..

  • Jason thenut of ARGO

Hell Yeah yeehhaa thats my SONY i knew it i .... oh wait a minute isn't it the old Xperia neo !!!!!????? (with 0.3 inches of screen add up and cutting down the Ericsson name + a button more!!!!!???) , well actually its more Beautiful than other Neo's (neo & neo V) but why making something which is already made ppffff ,
but im not disappointed at least its more eye candy to have this instead "neo v" yeeeakh oh SONY , SONY ! (with MGS sound for this mark ;) :D )

  • max

it will be mistake if sony don't make this model worldwide available, this would sale as popcorn

  • Darshh

Same gpu same cpu same camera.. what is the difference? that it runs on ICS ?

  • Anonymous

best part of the phone is that the phone is less thicker than the neo v and bigger screen.the specs are almost the same as the optimus black and neo v

almost just like neo-v. only more expensive

  • harum wijayakusuma


  • lalala

hopefully it wont too expensive.. good job sony btw!