Sony Xperia neo L

Sony Xperia neo L

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  • AnonD-282606

Totally useless phone from sony because of insufficient storage u can't use many apps......

  • RK

if u want to annoy anyone than gift this mobile to them........ they will realy harasing .......

  • Anonymous

Ram, 07 Mar 2014Same experience here very bad product i would never go for sony again This could be a shame and disgrace for SONY...

  • zhon

same as other bad comment. my thouchpad also problem, at 1st the corner of thouch pad has'n tap, and 2 week later, half of touch pad damage, my phone in service centre now

  • sallu

such a laggy phone

  • pavi..

nice.. phone,, bt using net then battery geting quickly low...

  • nayyer

phone has good display , camera good , sound is good but dosent support many games low ram causes problem can't store many apps.....sometimes hangs a lot and pad problem

  • Anonymous

parkhyerim, 23 Nov 2013when my neo L was battery drained and i charged it to open it i ... morePlease how to turn on my phone?

  • roshan singh

i have also touch pad problem

  • suprith

Don't bye this phone. Waste of money. Touch pad problem in my hand

  • rocker

used this 4n for one year. not enough internal memory. got 1 year warranty. trust me. after 1 year the corner of the touch pad didn't work. can't play games, music etc. sold this for bad price with 150 EUR loss. bt nowadays this 4n z just 150 EUR. still it's worse. never go for this. or else, u'll reget. up to u.... according to my experience. just an aware. if u want u can take it. or else, u can break it.... thanks..

  • asiri

my thouch pad damage after 9 month.

  • Anonymous

The phone is ridiculously slow. The internal storage is way too less. The camera doesn't have the zoom function and it has weird focusing. Pretty much the worst phone ever. Totally does not live up to its brand name. Sony has better models. Don't ever buy this phone.

  • Anonymous

This phone is not worth for money.I bought it 1 year back and now I feel so regret about my that decision.It's camera doesn't has zoom functionality.n the photo clarity is also not so good.I bought a white one and the top layer on the body is my phone looks so bad.Now it's hanging and there is some serious problem with it's touch pad.

  • AnonD-250158

xperia pro mk16 is much better and much more durable...

  • sonic

i totally agree with other bad comments and reviews based on my personal experience with this phone...i purchased this model because of its unique design and of course,its' brand name.unfortunately,after having this phone for almost 14 months(which i rarely used because i have a cheaper dual sim cp which i am regularly using),its touchscreen suddenly became defective for no apparent reason.and now i am being charged php 4.5K (US $100) by an authorized service center because the warranty has already expired...i thought sony brands are the most durable of all.i will never buy sony smartphone again.

  • princes

do not ever buy dys ph if u have to do nythin other than talkin and texting...yes believe me its d worst smart ph ever wid its extremly low internal storage and ram...dre r many more gud ph in dys range.. go fr dem!!

  • gomes

Mahabub, 27 Jan 2013i use xperia neo l . But video calling doesn't say . how can i m... moreDear sir I have. A Sony Xperia neo l. My VGA camera is not working it shows a pink screen n. No picture I cannotvideology chat. N the other person Cabot see me. Kindly solve my problem.

  • Manny

Ali Amid, 18 Apr 2014I have problem in WIFI finding with neo L. It is strange so that... more­x10/troubleshooting/i-cannot-connect-to-my-home-­wi-fi-network-3/

Check the link above. I had the same issue and in turned out to be my router channel was set too high.

  • saif

M7am@D $y, 22 Apr 2014bad performance on stock ROM and Kernel but wonderful on CM10 wi... morebro how is its touch screen bro