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This phone cost
¥ 249,800
I even can't afford it....

  • Farfacari

Anonymous, 13 Mar 2021This is probably the phone for those Japanese with black su... moreIt is the most powerful camera than all smartphones

  • Anonymous

This is probably the phone for those Japanese with black suit that want to feel safe staying with a brand from their own country.

For people else where? No friggin way!
You see this is how their business has gone downward, but they don't seem to be learning from their own mistake.

  • Sulaiman

It has Plastic Back (Not Gorilla Glass 6Back as you mentioned in Body)
Check it out.
Thank You

Price is tooo high

  • Tom

Xperia 1 11 is the best phone I HAVE OWNED no bloat ware great camera more sturdy than Samsung true the pro is a niche market but do not dismiss it until you have researched it

So far after reading what this phone can do it's a gem to professional photographers and video recorders, but not for an average consumer. If you buy this phone to do tiktok and instagram then you're retarded af. It's like an expensive high end PC means a lot to a hardcore gamer but not to an average user.

P.s all oems except xiaomi,realms and nubia overprice their phones .

  • Mack

Super expensive. Not worth it. Its just a camera accessory that makes it expensive.

  • adi

On devices like this, you can see how much ignorance there is in people who write comments. Just like an ordinary cell phone with keys that is intended for people who need such a device, this device is intended for a certain group and as such is not expensive for that person.

y75, 04 Mar 2021The phone should be 700$Wrong. It's an expensive DSLR accessory.

The phone should be 700$

  • Paul

After 10 years of fixing phones Sony ones were among the bad ones.
I am not happy with the price and i am definitely not happy with the specs

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 03 Feb 2021For people arguing the price. Dedicated external amoled scr... moreNo need to go into explanation of this phone cause most of the comments on this phone come from kids pretty much with limited budgets as to what they can buy and with huge fantasies of owning S21 Ultra phone.

  • Anonymous

Ruthless973, 25 Feb 2021sony should advertise their smartphones more. it's alm... moreThey do, just not outside Japan.

sony should advertise their smartphones more. it's almost like they're trying to find an excuse to quit the smartphone business

  • flower

OMG!!! the most WOW phone for last year. so bad that I don't have money for a top line Sony phones, but they are incredible :))

  • Inferno

Anonymous, 16 Feb 2021Hater's of XPERIA, go buy SamSung or XiaoMi and make T... moreYea, ur right. Number makes no sense, only thing that makes sense is the sensor. Mi Note 10 has a 108MP sensor then too, the photos are bad. I know it coz I own one and I need a new better one.

Nabil, 21 Feb 2021Pretty much expensive, s21 ultra is more attractive than th... moreWell, a different target audience requires different structures and designs, both interior and exterior. S21 Ultra is for the commoner, Xperia Pro is for the professionals/broadcasters. One for prioritizing form and pragmatism, one prioritizing practicality and function.

  • Nabil

Pretty much expensive, s21 ultra is more attractive than the pro of Xperia

Jonuxzas, 19 Feb 2021You can buy like two S21 Ultras for this money and theyre a... moreDude, just saying, Xperia PRO 5G, and S21 Ultra's respective target markets a far contrast audience one to each other. One for true professional users, content creators, and broadcasters, one for the commoner and phone camera that do all the process from the system itself. So the comparison between these two phones isn't ideal. It's been explained many times by us, look at the "Best Rating" option on this forum. Sure, I've no objection that you prefer S21 Ultra, but the Xperia Pro target market is so niche and it has powerful features that not even S21 Ultra or 12 Pro Max could replicate.